Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag

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  1. 1. What would you consider to be the most important aspect in the practice of coin magic.

    2. What was your earliest foundations in coin magic or in magic in general?

    3. What is your personal favorite sleight or routine in the field of coin magic?

    All the best,
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    Homer. What is a good and cheap way to start coin magic, because the gimmicks are pretty pricey.?

    Are you just a coin magican?

    What age and what inspire you to become a coin magican?
  3. I guess you are not just a coin magician, because of your FFF 1on1 :)

    1. What is your favorite card effect or routine that you perform in close up setting?
    2. What card and coin sleight did you have most trouble perfecting?
    3. What does your close up act consist of? Cards, coins, thumb tip...etc?
  4. 1.) If you only had 100$, 5 silver dollars, 1 shell, a clean suit, and were dropped off in a large city with the soul purpose of "being sucessful as a magician" what would be your first 10 stratigic moves to insure the accomplishment of that goal?
  5. Love William's Question!!!


    1) If you could only show a group of 5-8 people 3 or 4 effects what would YOU show?

    2) Please Kick Chris Kenner in the ass and tell him to hurry up and release TOOC DVD.

    3) Any chance of getting the .psd file of the illustration of your Melt-AwayVanish that you can see as artwork during the Homers Hands interviews?

  6. Homer,

    I've always wanted to hear your thoughts on creativity and the creative process. Do you think that creativity can be learned or are people naturally more creative? Or, is being more creative a product of their environment?

    Although I'm sure it comes naturally to you now, what exercises do you use or have you used in the past for your creative process? I find that I work on something and work on something and then a friend will make a suggestion and I thinnk..."I could have though of that..."

    And I'll forfeit the SNC prize in exchange for the recipe to your Angel Tear Kabobs.

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    1)Does Coin magic require more work than card maic in your opinion?

    2)Don't you think coin magic is too restrictive, and that the same plots keep coming again and again ?

    2) If you agree with the two questions above, don't you think cards are a better choice for a bad too average skilled magician, as it is easier but still gets the same reactions?

    Ps: I love coin magic myself. I just want to know your opinion
  8. Homer,

    First off-- Pinoy Pride. Represent.

    1. You seem to really appreciate the minute, little details that others typically ignore. I believe this sets you apart from many workers in the magic community. This is seen not only in the quality of your sleight-of-hand but also the design and layout of your products. What can you say about taking pride in attention to detail, art, and structure in magic?

    2. I understand that you and CK were homeboys in magic for a long while. What was one of the most humorous experiences you had working together, and/or more importantly, what was one of the most educational experiences you had together in magic?

    3. Your network of friends in magic is pretty intimidating-- you consult for Copperfield; you're best friends with Chris Kenner, and so many highly qualified magicians speak highly of your work and reputation. You're around awesome talent everyday. In your opinion, what makes quality magic? What do you find amazement in? What separates typcial magicians from artists?

    And who would win in an arm wrestling between DC and CK?

  9. I'm breaking from the norm here, and going to ask a question of something that interests me dearly - Designing.

    Homer, as an Industrial Designer, what would your tips be for someone getting into Design university, and whose sole purpose is financial gain?

    Or just any tips for someone interested in studying Industrial Design?

    Help would be appreciated, as I am in the process of selecting University and career paths!
  10. is the roundtable going up anytime soon? or any scheduled time?
  11. This roundtable has been completed and will be uploaded within the hour. Stay tuned...
  12. thats what i call prompt service. thank you very much mr. bayme
  13. This podcast has been posted. Listen to it now here (direct link to mp3) - and be sure to let us know what you think!
  14. Leather Hands and Razor Sharp coins?? Homer Liwag is most definitely an alien.

    Look forward to more T11 releases from both of them in the future.
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    I thought the pod cast was nice. Nothing but some good information. I personally felt the podcast was a bit short. I was expecting something longer.

    Otherwise nicely done.

    In case anyone is curious the selected questions to be asked was:

    1) Does coin magic require more work than card magic?
    2) What is one piece of advice for making any coin routine more natural?
    3) Which do you prefer, coins with rough edges or coins with smooth edges?
    4) Whats a good book or resource to start with?
    5) Gimmicks Or Non Gimmicks?
    6) How are new ideas born in your head: What is your creative process?
    7) How important is the relationship of your hand size to the coin size in magic?
    8) Do you maintain a good balance between coin, card, and other magic in your performance; what is the best way to transition between coin magic and other magic?
    9) General question about his other magical skills with cards.
    10) Final Thoughts, and wrap up.
  16. Not like this really matters, was there a prize other than the opportunity to listen to these 2 really cool coin guys have an awesome conversation?
  17. We used to do prizes with roundtable discussions, but the more we thought about it, the more we concluded that it was futile to promote a prize when the greatest prize we could ever think of - having the direct, rare chance to chat with some of this industry's top thinkers - is enveloped in the whole contest. I think that tops a 1-on-1 by a long shot.
  18. at 3:00 did you realize that the Kill Bill whistling song started playing :D

    Awesome awesome awesome discussion!!!
    My all time favorite yet!

    All the best,
  19. I think they really missed an opportunity not actually calling it "Secret Monkey Town".
  20. Well, I have to agree and disagree.

    I LOVE having the oppertunity to listen to the roundtables, you know? WHo doesn't like hearing advice straight from the mouths of legends.

    But it is a Saturday Night CONTEST, and according to the dictionary a contest is.....

    "An occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants."

    And there is no winner.

    But that is just a little detail. I just think it makes it a LIL more fun when you guys give away a prize too. Makes one persons day a little bit better, and encourages more people to particiapate.

    Plus, it doesn't cost you ANYTHING to give away a 1on1, so why not?

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