Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable: Zach Heath

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  1. Hello !

    1) how do you know when the effect you created is 'complete' (as in ready for release etc ...) ?
    2) you create effects , do you find the ideas or does the ideas find you ?
    3) how do you deal with hecklers ?
  2. Inspiration

    Who or what do you find inspiration in? Both magicians and non-magicians?
  3. Hey!
    These are my questions

    1.- What kind of magic connects you more with people?
    2.- When you are discouraged or having a bad time performing, which phrase or thought motivates you?
    3.- In your opinion, which are the top 5 most important tips for making our magic more transendental and powerful?

    Thank you
    And congratulations for the great work so far!
  4. What else do you do besides magic? What are your other hobbies/skills/talents?
  5. Who is your favorite character in the movie The Wizard of Oz?
    What type of food is your most favorite to eat?
    Is magic like a drug?
  6. In the field of ring magic, do you think there is much more to be expanded? We've got ring-string routines, and jumping ones like Circuit... Apart from improvements, how versatile do you see ring magic?

    But seriously, Lex... Kryptonite ring dude. You're welcome.

    What is your preferred style of performing? Is it impromptu "Woah, don't know how that happened", mysterious, mixing it up with various branches of magic, ... ?
  7. What do you think magic will be like in 50 years?
    What do you think about the new movie "Now You See Me"?
    Where do you find inspiration when creating magic?
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    Do you have a favorite performer of misers dream?
    What is your favorite theory 11 deck?
    What Is your favorite trick to start out with when entertaining a group?
  9. What tricks inspired you to create circuit?
    have yo uever messed up a trick in front of an audience? if so what did you do?
  10. Do you think magic with neutral objects (i.e. rings, pens paperclips etc) is more powerful than those that carry a magical stigma? (ie cards)

    Who is your largest magical influence?

    What do you see as the largest milestone or stepping stone for an aspring magician?
  11. What do you think makes circuit a better trick than banded by garett thomas? since both are similiar in the eyes of the laymen

    Have you ever felt like giving up when creating circuit? Since it seemed really impossible to do

    What do you think makes you different form other magicians out there?
  12. Zach,
    Did you get bullied for doing magic?
    What is your creative process when creating new effects?
    How old were you when you started magic?
  13. Do you think that circuit is your best trick ever created ?
    What makes circuit different that other effect similar ?
    When and how did you realized that circuit could be marketed?
  14. What is your favorite kind of magic?
    Did this trick evolve from a different one?
    What kind of magicians do you think should buy this DVD?
  15. 1. What's your favorite effect on the Wire?
    2. Did you watch 'Now you see me'?
    3. How old are you?
  16. How did you come out with the idea of passing a ring through every finger?

    Why are you bald?

    How did you start magic, who inspired you?
  17. 1.What was the first magic trick you ever learned ?
    2.Who inspired you the most in your early years of magic?
    Last but not least, 3. If you were stranded on an island and
    had only one magic related item on you what would that be? Ring,cards,coins ect.
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    Hi Zach
    1. What does magic mean to you ?
    2. Who is your favorites magician ?
    3. What do you think about Theory11 ?

  19. what was the inspiration to the name of the effect circuit?
  20. what do you believe is the role of patter in an effect?
    how important is patter in an effect?
    I had never heard of you before, tell us about yourself...

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