Saturday Night Contest - Show Us What You Love

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. The Rules are perform something you love regarding magic or flourishing.

    If the application is something you use regularly and you like it, then that falls under the rules... All I ask is that you don't teach anything.

    Hope this helps,

  2. great going to film right now
  3. And if you can throw in a saucy dance number, that would be good too.

  4. I know Katie said that this doesn't count, so this isn't an entry, and I don't think I will enter tonight, but I will post something I do love.... us060406.JPG

    And yes, she IS magic. :)
  5. i will dance too k
  6. is editing and what not allowed
    as in music...
  7. That is awesome, and I do appreciate it. Maybe I should start a separate thread of PEOPLE WE LOVE.


  8. does the video have to be edited? I want to enter but all I have in WMM. Can I just record myself doing the flourish in my room and just add a title and credits? Will I still have a chance to win
  9. Doesn't have to be anything supercrazyspecial.. Just something you love to do magic or flourishing wise.

  10. Can we teach the saucy dance number? :p

    - Sean
  11. yes!! found a camera.
  12. That would be awesome.

    I need some inspiration.


  13. I almost went with the clichè and did my favorite card trick, TrapJacks, but Katie said to do something that we really love to perform. Although card magic is my primary love in magic, the classic of magic - Cups and Balls is my true love to perform. So here it is, my rendition of the Vernon/Mendoza Routine with normal (not combo) cups.


    PS - Katie, I didn't really teach anything ;) . And if have a problem with me demonstrating a TERRIBLE French Drop, then take it up with Dai Vernon. ;)
  14. For old times sake and the thought of LOVE


    More love.
  15. I remember watching that video a while back.
  16. cool beans
  17. Here is my submission:
    This is such a fun routine and spectators dig it lol.
    Good luck to everyone

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