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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Would love to enter, but it's 2:30 am and I need my sleep.
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    here is the trick ive been working on for almost a year. it's called streamlined spellbound. it is my favorite effect because creating this inspired my creativity which led to other routines and ideas. yes it is a variation of hellbound spellbound with you being %100 clean the entire routine. here is the original change for those who missed it. I hope everybody enjoys this and good luck with the contest.
  3. Uploading mine now. It's about an hour left on vimeo (5%) but, my Viddler is at 25%. Do the Theory11 god's mind a video off of Viddler?

  4. i slapped this together as quick as i could .. oh well .. my two favorite fans of all time .. the 360 fan by Naoki Ogi and the double one handed fan which has been done by many ppl, but it was Ciappi who first inspired me to get this fan down.

    SNC contest video

  5. Here is my entry

    I love coin magic(and most likely my entry will be the only coin related entryEDIT: I stand corrected tally-ho), but I love numerous coin stuff, when I am just chilling the things I am always doing is the muscle pass(or now the fingertip muscle pass!) coin roll, harada hold, or quick little tricks and hand washing sequences.

    If anyone wonders what effects and such where in the video, I do the harada hold, a hand wash sequence, and a awesome Kainoa Harbottle trick "Slapping Mutobe", normally done with four coins, but that needs some more practice;).
  6. oh daim...
  7. EPIC funnniness right there
    going in my sig.
  8. Hey Katie,
    Does it have to be only 1 thing? Or can it be a few?

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    If there is a routine of stuff you like to perform I don't see the harm in submitting it.

    Please try to keep it under 2:30 though... I have to watch a few of these.

  10. I think I've woken up too late for this. What's the time EST now please?
  11. 10:25 est your to late i think
  12. 10:34 :: Video is uploaded to youtube

    Internet speed = 1.445 KB/S

    Hopefully I'll be able to get it in on time... :( I worked really hard on it!!!

  13. Thanks TheoryGV. Yeah, I won't bother, I won't get the video up in time. Oh well - last night was Valentine's down here.
  14. at leasts its warm where you lie its snowing here

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