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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. THIS is my submission//flourish. It is basically an original principle that has multiple applications, such as::

    -Royal Flush Production

    -9 or 10 Packed Display

    -Flashy Ending Incorporating a Fan

    -2 Joker Production

    -Pop Out Move of the Top Card (Selection)

    -Flash 2 Jacks During the Cut :) (hard to explain...)

    Best of Luck to ALL!

    Much Love,


    EDIT:: Apologies for not uploading this to Vimeo where the High-Quality standards of the video would have shined :) I guess this is my punishment for uploading at the last minute, have to get the quickest site!!!
  2. I figured I might as well enter something...

    I like performing my original material.

    I didn't have time to edit it because of time restrictions.

    Credits to Ernest Earick and Doug McKenzie.
  3. Awesome job man, this is pretty cool! Love the BEE SplitSpades, I gotta get my hands on some of those... :D
  4. Omggggg
    im uploading now
    and its taking 4 years!!!!!
  5. #67 Eddie, Feb 14, 2009
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    didn't feel like wasting your time :)
  6. Wow.. made this about 15 minutes before this contest ended.

    Meh, I love doing these moves

    Not sure if this works but
  7. That worked for me :) Nice moves, it flowed really nicely with the background music.

    Doesn't it have to be your ONE favorite move though....?


  8. Here is my entry, thanks.

  9. Hmm, really?

    If so, that sucks.
  10. Hey Ya'll

    Due to my apple store appointment, you guys lucked out and got 5 extra minutes to submit while I returned.

    Time is up.

    We will get back at you in the next hour to post our winner.


  11. Damnit. This thing is already over.
  12. vietiscoo that was a nice mockingbird i am still practicing it just learned it like a week ago also where did you learn the one hands bone spin thing
  13. What is there really to learn?

    You just flick your hand, and thanks.
  14. wait are you the same person that made the lime video

  15. Your video worked for me too. I think you could have done better dude, but whatever.

  16. I am seriously, seriously pissed right now.

    I filmed a REALLY good trick but windows movie maker is freezing everytime I use it so I ran out of time to put it on here!! omg....!!!!!:mad::mad:
  17. Any one else watch the NBA slam dunk contest???
  18. No that was Mark.

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