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  1. Useful Levitation. Changing a light bulb.[​IMG]
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    Here is my submission.

    P.S. Sorry for the stupid mouth thing :p Couldn't help doing it while I jumped haha.

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  3. hmmm...really?? when I click on it it goes straight there...
    should b fixed...changed it from friends only viewing
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    congrats to the winner!
  5. Alright guys! Time for the results. It's been longer than usual to post results, just because I went and saw the Bieber Movie (no judging me please, and yes it was a good movie). It was a very close contest to judge, as each submission was unique in its own way.

    But not everyone can win tonight. The winner tonight showcased what we were looking for - uniqueness and creativity, no photoshopping, not much editing involved whatsoever, and very simple construction. With that said, tonight's prize goes to NJillusionist3! Very nice choice of book as well! Congrats, and PM me your address so we can ship your prize to you ASAP!

    I would like to extended Honorable Mentions to EVERYONE who entered this contest, just because you all had very great images to judge tonight. It wasn't easy, but I hope you all had a great time tonight. Stay tuned next Saturday for yet another awesome contest!
  6. Congratulations, NJillusionist3. It was a really good pic.

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