Saturday Night Contest - Something In The Air

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Yo guys! We’re back for another sick contest. Last night, we posted Episode 9 of the Insider, featuring a Japanese girl “floating” in a picture. Zach tried to re-create that image (aka jumping around like a 6 year old girl). Your challenge tonight is to give it your best shot - and levitate.

    All you have to do tonight is take a picture of yourself “levitating” in mid air. The more realistic your picture looks, the better. Want an example? Check out this picture taken last year by Jonathan Bayme.

    The rule tonight is that your picture should look VERY realistic - with no text or other unnecessary editing. The most simple, yet amazing photo will take home the prize tonight. All photos must be posted in THIS forum thread by 11:00pm EST tonight.

    What shall the levitator of all levitators float home tonight? You’ll receive a new set of Digital Dissolve, completely on the house. Have fun guys! I’m sure this will be a blast!
  2. Awesome! Really cool! I'll see to do it!
  3. Nice, sounds cool. Hopefully I can get one in :) Good luck everyone.
  4. Sweet! I'm gonna see what I can do with it right now!
  5. Ha ha! It looks cool, but it kind of looks like you are hanging yourself.
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    Here is my entry! Pardon my look of terror, I've never flown before


    *NOTE* No photoshop involved =]
  7. Wow! I like your's!

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