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  1. Do you think they should have cast different people?
  2. I have always been a believer that there is a difference between "a trick" and "a performance". What are your views on this topic?
  3. In your journeys, does the presence of technology and social media play a difference in how an audience reacts to magic?

    What area of the globe do you believe the origins of magic held the strongest root in?

    Who reacts stronger: clients that pay to see a performance or strangers and foreigners that do not expect it?
  4. 1. If you had to define "real" magic, what would it be?

    2. Do you think magic today has a significance in our world?

    3. Even if "real" magic was discovered, do you think the art of magic (today) would still be as interesting and entertaining as it is today?
    • How is producing a magic special different from being the magician on it?
    • What is the difference of working at private events than on magic specials?
    • What was your inspiration for being a magician instead of doing something else?
  5. 1. tell us about your risky plane trip
    2. best story/exciting thing that happened.
    3. what was the greatest thing you learned on this project.
  6. 1)At what age did you start magic?

    2)What inspired you to do magic?

    3)How was your experience in Nepal?

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    sory doubled because my bad conection
    read below ...
  8. Supernatural entry

    Sounds awesome Dan...

    My entry:
    a. If you believe true magic is exist, what is the most scary one?
    b. Why should in cultures remote and afar. Do you think true magic doesnt exist on uptown-capital city?
    c. Why should nepal? bcause I think there are another place have strong magical myth.

    that's it
    cheers ~
  9. 1: In all of your travels (to anywhere) did you ever find an area where people seemed to react to magic and enjoy it more?

    2: What is the point you want to get across to the viewers (laypeople) in the special?

    3: What was your motivation to even take on a project this big (the special)?
  10. Do you believe that in this modern world there is room for magic, or is it a relic of times and cultures past?

    What is the most inspiring piece of magic that you have ever encountered?

    What caused your love of magic?
  11. 1. The show focuses on trying to find "real magic", why did you take this challenge on, I'm sure the scare factor was there?
    2. What kept you focus throughout, and did you ever want to bail out of any deep stuff you encountered??
    3. I'm sure you saw lots of crazy stuff, do you believe in the stuff you saw?
  12. Heya Mr. White, it was great meeting you at magic-con (I'm the Awkward Teenager). And I would be totally freaked out too in one of those little Nepalese airplanes. That is some scary stuff. Glad you're alive. :)

    Did you ever reach a point in your life where you realized this is what you wanted to do? And did you see yourself traveling the world to get to the heart of what magic really is?

    What life long goals have you achieved through magic?

    What moment of your travels will stay with you forever?
  13. 1. Truthfully, were you scared when you go to these places?
  14. 1) If you had magical powers what would you do?

    2) Why are you interested in finding the truth about real magic?

    3) What are some magic effects you've seen that gave you an an experience of real magic?
  15. 1) What is your favorite way to use the gimmick in the trick "Smoke"?

    2) Do YOU personally believe in real magic?

    3) Best Magic Experience since you started?

  16. 1) What was your biggest motivation in magic that helped you earn your own T.V. show?
  17. 1:what is the best advice you could give a magician that wants to become serioous with his magic???
    2:after this experience,is your way of thinking about magic changed in any way??(for example,are you going to concentrate more about REAL MAGIC OR TRICKS??
    3:after this ENLIGHTENING,is there an experience in your life that now you understand to be real magic,but that before you didin't??
  18. 1. Who is your biggest inspiration in magic?

    2. What feeling do you go for when you perform? Is it astonishment or laughter or something else?

    3. What is your favorite magic book?
  19. 1 in other parts of the world,do you see people react differently to magic???
    2 do you think this experience has improved your way of thinking??
    3 what is the best advice you can give to a kid that wants to be a professional??

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