Saturday Night Contest - Supernatural Roundtable

Feb 9, 2011
1. Besides flying, did you and/or your crew ever find yourselves in any personal danger while on this adventure?

2. Was there ever a point when you wished that one other person was along to witness the events you experienced with you? If so, who would you have liked to have been there with you and why?

3. Will there be a sequel, follow-up or continuation based on what you discovered?
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Dec 23, 2010
1. What are your views on this recent YouTube camera-only magic and exposure of magic via internet?
2. What do you think magic will be like in 20 years?
3. How do you think people's magic style and repertoire would be without the internet?
May 17, 2009
United Kingdom
Magic is known as the cups and balls, cards, coins, but how did you find magic altered from culture to culture and where did their roots come from? Every culture has their Dai Vernon equivalent.

Why the supernaturalist as a name?

As a senior member in the magic community what are your views on the state of the community at the moment?
Aug 15, 2010
Toronto, Canada
What kind of reactions do you think will spur from your new series on Discovery Channel?

Have you performed an effect that caused someone to believe what you are doing is actual magic, and that you've involved yourself into some sorcery?

What's your prediction on whether 'real magic' exists or not? What do you expect to find?
Feb 18, 2011
Under your bed
1. What was the general reaction to magic by the locals of the Dominican Republic, Nepal etc.
2. How do you feel about kids only doing magic for webcams?
3. Where locals sometimes afraid/ threatened by magic, because of their culture/religion... If so, could you tell us about an experience of this?
Feb 9, 2011
1. Hi! If I tell you I do real magic, would you believe me?
2. Have you read the book: "Encyclopedia of the Strange, Mystical, and Unexplained" by Rosemary Ellen Guiley? I find it interesting that it's one of the books that I get ideas from for my magic.
3. Is there anything you would like to happen or change with today's magic?
Jun 11, 2011
1. What would you consider real magic?
2. When does real magic become real, in terms of no longer depending on some kind of sleight?
3. How does it affect the magic community that most sleights can be found at no cost on the internet?
Jan 30, 2011
what was the hardest thing about traveling and showing effects to other cultures?

what was the most fun thing about it?

what is the greatest thing you took away from the entire experience?


Sep 4, 2010
what was the best part when traveling for the show?

When you got there how did you know what to look for?

What was the best thing you found out about magic?
Aug 10, 2008
How does people perception of magic vary from culture to culture?

Why do you think societies need magicians?

What meaning hides behind a magic trick?
Sep 1, 2010
was performing to a different culture made you go out of your comfort zone?

was it difficult using no patter doing magic?

was it hard to tell them what you were doing with body actions?

Congratulations on the special. You're one of the most deserving artists to get the opportunity to share your style of magic.

1. Now that you've been able to make the transition to being in front of the camera, how/why did you select the individuals who made up your own team of magic consultants for The Supernaturalist?

2. How has exploring magic in different cultures changed your perspective on the performance of magic in western civilization?

3. Seriously, what did your parents feed you to become the tallest Asian guy most people have ever met?

I <3 Philly.

May 22, 2011
These are the 3 Questions I would like to ask:

1. What is the difference of perception of magic In every Culture.

2. Where do you think Magic Actually Originated from.

3. What is the best moment in a MAgic Trick.


James Wise Magic

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Dec 28, 2007
1. Dan, what was the most challenging thing in the process of doing this special?
2. What is your best memory of doing this special.
3. If possible, would you make more tv specials?
Mar 3, 2011
What do you think the most exhilarating thing you could find on Supernaturalist could be?
Which places do you think might have real occult activity involving real magic would be?
How much did this cost to build up?
Mar 12, 2011
-What is the most intriguing thing you have learned from this experience of a lifetime?

-Why? Why did you decide to actually turn this learning experience from a simple question and make it into a full out expedition onto a quest to find the answers you were looking for?

-Why are you doing this? Why is it an expedition for ALL types of magic instead of the history of "Card Magic" or the history of "Flourishing"? Why make such a broad spectrum of a question which is hard to understand and investigate in a whole?
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