Saturday Night Contest - The Art of Design

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  1. drawing is hard
  2. Here's my entry. This thing took a surprisingly long time to draw, heh. It's my take on the Sentinels Joker. :)

  3. photo.jpg my submission
  4. Here's my free hand drawing of classic palm position...or..pretty close.

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  5. So I made a stand out of cards, no glue or folding, just cuts... Here are the pictures...

    So this structure is like a stand/shrine to close up magic... Also, it looks very confusing, and mystifies the mind, as a symbol to magic. Here are the pics/video of it completed...

    The video explains everything... Each object symbolizes something to do with magic.

    Hope you like it...

  6. That's funny. My kids laugh like crazy during that cartoon / skit. Nice work.
  7. I hope no one has done this yet.

    Just joined the forums to post this and join in the fun.
    Hope you like it.


    (No cards were harmed in the making of this picture.)
  8. Three...that is "sick" dude. I love it. Nice work man.
  9. Here I made this tic tac toe prediction necklace. The tic tac toe prediction goes:

    DSC00386.jpg DSC00385.jpg DSC00386.jpg DSC00384.jpg

    Just so you can have fun trying to find it. Also there's several card reveals in the design.
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