Saturday Night Contest - The Bad Magic Picture Challenge!

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  1. Thanks. Did you know you could rent hamsters at Petco? I did.
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    Look out for my new release...

  3. Thats creepy, I'd hire you.
  4. This one comes with a story:

    I was digging around through my old kindergarten pictures and found this relic. This is, as best as I can recall, is my six-year old depiction of the first ever magic show I saw. All I remember was that I was brought up on stage to help the magician out with the rabbit out of the hat trick. The rabbit really seemed to like me and as you can see in the picture, I was having all sorts of fun. All of the other kids started laughing--I guess I was just that popular or something...

    Anyway, I've digitally remastered the drawing in photoshop, enhancing the crayons and markers and correcting the spelling of the magician's name and such (and to anyone wondering, a rabbit really did pee on me at a magic show).

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  5. here's another pix..:eek:

  6. Hey, are we allowed to post spoof pictures we took previously to this contest?
  7. This just in:

  8. It's nice to see Doug all dressed up to go out.
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  10. I loathe myself. Haha. Great contest.

  11. Another one, fresh from the camera!

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  12. No, Chris. Just no. effing no. You look like your webcam...hahaha jk man lol. LINKIN PARK FTW!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG If there was a badmagicvideo website I could DEFINITELY put up my abstinence trick!!!
  13. here is my submission for the saturday night contest

  14. My submissions. :D



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  16. WIN!
  17. haha. noice JB.


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