Saturday Night Contest - The Daniel Garcia Effect : EXTENDED

Here's mine.
I think it is worth watching till the end (also because the real deal is at the end).
Hope you like it.

Very nice vid man. Funny and enjoyable with some great magic. You almost flashed a bit in Pressure but nothing too bad. Also, next time watch the manual exposure in your camera! :p. Try to lock it down next time :)

Great job, keep it up!

May 3, 2008
I'm trying to upload mine but my internet's being really slow today. But as long as it doesn't take 5 hours to upload (knock on wood) I think I'll be okay.
Damn. I would have enetered this if I wasn't kicking ass at theatresports last night. And I can't enter now because I have to go to school :(

I swear you guys pick the worst possible times for us Aussies.
May 3, 2008
Okay here it is.

For your own sake I'd watch it in HD.

I just filmed this on my brand-spanking new Flip Ultra HD while I really like.

Also, do my chances of winning go up if I say that my phone broke when I dropped it and winning this cereal box would really cheer me up? And would you send me your old Blackberry, JB?
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Apr 27, 2008
Internet upload time RAPE is no more.

Here's what I managed to work up, hopefully it's good enough. It wasn't my best, but then again, I had no more resources.



I will upload my video to My account name is GuWaEdGu. The video is called 'Bent'. Because I need sleep and internet does not seem to be working, at the time of casting votes, will you please try and find my account and my video?

Please do not dismiss its existence, I really did upload it, and it seems to be converting. Just search 'Bent' with the tags: "Daniel Garcia, theory11, bent". It should be done converting.

Thank you!
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