Saturday Night Contest - The Facebook Card Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Nine of Spades
  2. 5 of Diamonds
  3. Btw, I really don't think it would be too hard to get a deck inside a bottle like that...
  4. No. Unless you break the bottle. The point is that it's an impossible object. It's a deck, sealed in the original cellophane, inside an unaltered bottle with a neck too narrow to fit a deck of cards.

    Are the cards really that big a deal, when you're looking at something like that?
  5. Well seeing that I don't have any v4s... But I guess I could resist my temptation... But I probably won't even get it... So yeah...
  6. My card

    5 of diamonds
  7. queen of diamonds
  8. That's like ripping up a painting and writing a grocery list on it.
  9. jack of diamonds
  10. Hey... v4s are good too...
  11. Obviously he can't appreciate a souvenir of mystique.

  12. Come on... That's harsh....
  13. Sometimes the truth is harsh.
  14. two of diamonds....
  15. Hey... I was kidding... Jeez... I wouldn't break the bottle...
  16. ace of clubs
  17. I was one of the first taggers on the FB image; one of my tags disappeared. To avoid any confusion-- my guess is the FOUR OF CLUBS... I'm obsessed with Mnemonica.

  18. sat nite contest

    I picked the Jack of Hearts, I tagged the Jack but the heart showes too many people are tagged. just covering all bases here.....would hate to loose out on the prize!!! mike

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