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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. In light of the upcoming FIVE release, we wanted to do something a little more simple tonight that everyone could participate in. In my hands I'm holding a deck of the new Smoke & Mirrors v4 playing cards. They are not yet released, and only a select few have seen them. At 11:00pm EST, I'm going to riffle shuffle the deck eleven times, cut it once, then turn the top card over from the face down deck. The deck will start in new deck order. I encourage you to duplicate the steps before posting your guess.

    The challenge is this - whoever is the first to post the correct guess (that is, what that top card will be) or is the closest to it, takes home the deck - which was, by chance, one of the actual decks used in the filming of the S&M v4 preview video in Hollywood this past week. It was one of the first decks printed on the new presses of the USPCC - truly one of a kind, and an amazing collector's item to be shipped out 24 hours before the public release date in the weeks ahead.

    One guess per participant - so make sure you use your intuition wisely. All responses must be posted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST. Good luck...

    UPDATE: The results have been posted! See what the winning card was here.
  2. jack of clubs
  3. The Seven of Spades
  4. 6 Of Clubs.
  5. Queen of Diamonds
  6. King of Hearts
  7. My guess is the 8 of Hearts.
  8. 5 of spades (sorry allan)
  9. five of spades
  10. Five of Hearts
  11. *frantically shuffled a new deck*

    Ill go with king of clubs
  12. darn it cuso
    can i change mine? since we both had the same thing at the same time
  13. Queen of Hearts.
  14. four of diamonds
  15. Guess

    The joker, but if those are taken out then the 3 of clubs
  16. 8 of spades :)
  17. i will change mine to the 3 of spades.
  18. Ace of hearts.
  19. 7 of clubs
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