Saturday Night Contest: The Secret Life of d+M

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Mar 1, 2008.

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    1. "Look into my eyes"
    2. "I wonder if I can use his horn for the freaky knife thing I do"
    3. "This is how love starts"

    lol hope i win

  2. 3) "I swear to god, if you just listened and took the birth control pill we wouldn't be in this mess..."
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    Caption 1:

    "Do you swear under the magicians oath?"

    Caption 2:

    "What are you lookin' at?"

    Caption 3:

    "Im horny." -Unicorn
  4. 1. "Look Pony, I don't have to explain myself to you!"

    2. "Oh God, Oh GOD! Dana, Oh man this is bad. I'll tell them he went to India"
  5. ROFL!!!!! Hahahaha nice.
  6. 2. Dan: " did you know my card was the four of clubs?"
  7. "And now I will turn this unicorn into your selected card!"
  8. 1: "I thought i ordered the unicorn with the pink straps!"

    2: "D+M practicing hypnosis"

    3: "What is popo doing here?!?!?!"
  9. music in the backround (total eclipse of my heart -will ferrel singing it )

    turn around , bright eyes
    every now and then i fall apart!!!!!

    And I need you now tonight
    And I need you more than ever
    And if you only hold me tight
    We'll be holding on forever
    And we'll only be making it right
    Cause we'll never be wrong together
    We can take it to the end of the line
    Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time
    I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark
    We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks
    I really need you tonight
    Forever's gonna start tonight
    Forever's gonna start tonight

    Once upon a time I was falling in love
    But now I'm only falling apart
    There's nothing I can do
    A total eclipse of the heart
    Once upon a time there was light in my life
    But now there's only love in the dark
    Nothing I can say
    A total eclipse of the heart
  10. Dan: Ive done Change to you 10 times, still with no reaction...?
  11. My reply

    1) Hay babii let me show you a trick.

    2) Hay look its my old unicorn from the Ghetto Times.

    3) Why the f*** do I have a unicorn looking at me?????????

    These are my enrties hope you like them

  12. 3) Dan: "Okay, Wayne, I give up. How'd you turn yourself into a unicorn?"
  13. Whoo, I'm back.

    1. Can you let go of my stick?
  14. 3. Bicycle Guardians 4.95, Card Cheat Handbook 13.00, Blood Marking System 13.00 Having Daniel Madison take all your life savings playing poker against you with a unicorn Priceless (sorta)
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    Entry one:

    I can Revolution Cut, can you?

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    1. Daniel Madison likes baby unicorns.......With Gravy.
  17. 1.- Is this the payment I got for doing the Guardians teaser, and dangerous? :mad:
    2.- Are you the valentine that the Devil sent me?
    3.- Why did u tell those guys that we were playing blackjack with, that I was cheating and I had my cards blood marked? huh? tell meee arghh.. (no offense daniel :p)
  18. Heres mine

    1.) DM: For the last time, the Daniel Madison Change does not use trick photography!

    2.) Unicorn: Ummm, Jay Sankey just called me up... and he was complaining about the products on your...
    DM: Yes! I know! I'll remove them from my site! Why is everyone on my case?!
  19. 3 more for all you people out there

    1. This will be DANGEROUS

    2. Unicorn: “My horn is bigger than yours.”
    Madison responds with total silence a David Blaine stare and a firm grip on the unicorns neck.

    3. A LETHAL showdown

    Good luck to all,

  20. 1. This is the best part of the job! (if you know what I mean ;))
    2. So that's what i would look like if i shaved?

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