Saturday Night Contest - The {t11} Easter Egg Hunt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Nah man, I thought I had em! Now shhh, sleuthing
  2. Grrr still 11.
  3. Yeah I'm on 11, it's anyone's game
  4. Yeah... I'm stuck with 11 too... OR AM I?! :eek:

    - Sean

    P.S. Working in a team helps ;) Trey, you da man.
  5. Now we watch as the stealthy follow suit, in search of Eggs. What a thrilling hunt it is. Martha, would you pass the popcorn?
  6. 12... (word count)
  7. I am stuck with 11 how ironic.
  8. i got 11 too
  9. So there's basically 2 that nobody knows about... I think I know one of them
  10. now im at 12
  11. I don't think there is one on the one on one section, I've been searching through that for the past 10mins :eek:
  12. Haha I guess I joined the party a little too late. I got 0.....nothing.....NADA.
  13. Why do you do this to US?????
  14. I am stuck @ 12,arggg.
  15. I would look again;)
  16. Do you find this date in the 1 in 1 section?
  17. i gave up, watching the soup on Tivo
  18. Has anybody actually sent an e-mail? Don't worry, we can't get any information from a "yes"; please be honest.

    (@ 11)
  19. *Slaps The Tumble* Don't you see what's happening!? This is what they want! They wanna tear us all apart! Eliminate the competition so that Nighthawk will rule without anyone to stand in his way!

    *Slaps Self* ... Inconceivable!
  20. I've searched and found nothing there :(

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