Saturday Night Contest - The {t11} Easter Egg Hunt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Thank god, it's finally over. Can you hook me up with a PM of what they were?
  2. I only found one (tear rolls down my face)
  3. High Five!
  4. Bah! I've failed, and now only 5 hours sleep :eek:
  5. This damn thread smells like G.O.A.T. Cheese & Vlasic Pickles. :eek:
  6. As of the time of this post (9:51pm EST), we do not yet a have a declared winner - not one has been 100% correct as of yet. Keep going... ;)
  7. He'd better not be a bluffer, I can't be bothered searching anymore, and I'm on 11
  8. OH come on!
  9. Bayme, fancy giving us those hints an hour earlier ? It's nuuurly 3am here :eek:
  10. Right, is there one on the one on one pages? I've searched for ages now on there.
  11. As it turns out, I counted one twice lol. Any clues JB?
  12. F***. While this contest is awesome, I'm ready for it to be over. :)
  13. me too, I've got eleven.
    damned, I will search the whole night, in germany it's 4 a.m
  14. ...and some Knackwurst frozen sausage too?

  15. Did you know that you're member number 10411? It's screwing up my source code fun :p
  16. 12... I think? I think I may have found the difficult one :eek: One more :p
  17. no, I remembered the right number :p
  18. I don't understand how people can "think" they found one or not be 100% right. What is the trick that I'm not understanding?
  19. I don't know whether it is one or not, I believe it is, but it's weird... sort of.

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