Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. hey sinful wat pages were ur submissions on i wanna c them
  2. To the poster above, I'm on page 14. I'm not sure if they compare to the others tonight though, but I sure hope they did!

  3. I hope I win! I would love to win an SNC... even if it was one where there was no prize!
  4. Good luck everyone! Saw a ton of great entrys!
  5. 1. faster faster
    2. This photo is gunna come out so cool
    3. hey danny i reckon a beanie would suit you
  6. i would too iv never won but good job sinful i love number 2 lol made me laugh im on page 2 lol
  7. good luck to everyone well were waiting i would like to ask you something
    What colour would you chose if you won.
  8. I have no idea! They are all awesome! The winner will cross that bridge when he/she gets there. ;)

  9. Probably the Blue.
  10. hey sinful its pipi94 aka thepipimister i think you got it in the bag good stuff lol i laughed
  11. Well, last night i got 2 of each color but I would probably go with black.

  12. My internet has been "down" this week (won't go into details), and I've missed out on all the Lion excitement. What different colors are there? If there's red, I would definitely get red. Red's da bomb!
  13. red is my favorite color, AND red is color of hearts, girls like hearts, and i like girls, girls are pretty =D
  14. Well, I wouldn't advise the reds, they are the same backs as the originals. I would get a black.
  15. I have no idea what your talking about. ;) (Yes I know who you are, I mean I don't know what you mean by bag of good stuff =P)

  16. I would get read just because I'm getting a little tired of all black decks. And red's a happier color! :D
  17. lol omg i mean i think you go it in the bag like the contest is yours i think you won lol blatant enough lol
  18. thanks for your advice because im probally going to buy some if i dont win
  19. Ah alright. =P Thanks! :D

  20. ahh! im too impatient i cant wait haha, im kinda tired too, once we find out who the winner is (please be me! please be me!) im heading straight to bed! ughh cmon man just a little longer hopefully...

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