Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Wait a sec..what took so long...we deserve an answer.
  2. Dang ya'll we don't even get an apolgy for it taking so long. = P. But yah seriously, Grats gaurdian.

  3. ya i mean cant you guys at least explain what happened for the long delay?
  4. I asked Katie on AIM. She said that some stuff came out and and Raiker just didn't post the results on time. That's pretty much it....

  5. i dont agree with this decision at all

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  6. Hey ya'll

    I apologize for making everyone wait. Unfortunately, some stuff had come up that I had to tend to immediately, and wasn't going to be able to access the computer.

    I had Raiker do the dirty work (pick a winner and post it), and frankly its not an easy job to do on your own when you weren't following it as closely as I was from the beginning. And being the cool guy he is, he wanted to make sure everything was OK before he posted. SO a big THANK YOU! To Raiker. I appreciate his help.

    Maybe next week I'll have a "batcave grab-bag" as the prize and an even better contest.

    Stay awesome.


  7. Ahh that's fine. Sometimes these things happen. Especially at the wrong moments! No hard feelings. Take care, Katie.

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    wow honestly?
    did you read _my_ captions?
    every single one is much funnier than "ridin' dirty"
    i retroactively read everybodys captions
    and laughed at 2 or 3
    i thought those were my competition
    i skipped "riding dirty" along with all of the homosexual jokes
    this is so rigged
    if this was up to public voting "riding dirty" would not be in the top 40
    look for a STUNNING lions review from Guardian18 very shortly
  9. I will have to make time next Saturday. . .that has to be the best prize known to man.

  10. SNC... hope you like it guys...

    1.chris how was your botox??? mines great....
    2.hehehe ultragaff went great....
    3.hey danny i think this is gay....
  11. Back luck neco.
  12. Holy crap. I won? :) Sorry to all who lost, I'm choosin' blue. :)
  13. Congrats, and man is this a long thread.

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