Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Haha wow, I just finished watching UFC 83 and it still hasn't been announced.

    I would usually say try to stay on topic but, it's way too late for that. Just keep everything appropriate, somewhat magic related, and no more Rick Roll links ;).

  2. Alright, well good luck to everyone. Its 1:15 AM by me so I'm gonna go to bed. Good luck to everyone.
  3. I will challenge you to that.

  4. best movie

    -smokin aces
    -the illusionist
    -the prestige

    mines smokin aces
  5. oohhhh it ooooonnnnnnn!!!!! lol
  6. i just did 142 backpalms, my hands are killing me and still no winner...
  7. Guys,

    Tons of great submissions. This one was tough. The winner is...

    Guardian18 with his cool catchy caption (the three Cs) "Try to catch me ridin' dirty!" (in best Chamillionaire voice)

    Make sure you're here next week!
  8. *Clears throat* Gah get it right Rebelace it's Rich Roll'd hehe. = P

  9. Ok. Magic trick time. Just pick a card over the Internet and I'll tell you what it is...
  10. And now people have gone completely crazy lol jkjk : )
  11. Darn! Well, at least I can sleep now. Congrats, Guardian18!
  12. Grats Gaurdian! And to everyone else who competed.

  13. Thank you God. I didn't win, and congrats to the winner, but I am going to bed! Peace out!
  14. Congratulations Guardian18! Definitely a long way. Enjoy your prize if your even up still.

    Good night.
  15. Congrats Guardian18! Now go to sleep everyone. I'm off to lunch! 3:20PM here in Sydney!
  16. What?! Waiting for this long and what happens!? Congrats I'm going to sleep. Dang it.
  17. finally i get to go to sleep, well gratz on winning guardians18! woohoo!
  18. Congratulations to Guardian 18. I'm pretty angry because I stayed up so late for this as did many... but oh well it was my choice. Congratulations.

  19. i cant wait to see what next week's snc will be, i hope its fun and wont keep us up waiting like this one..

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