Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. ughh i wish i lived in australia right now,
    that would be awesome!
  2. Others have announced the winners in the past. I don't understand, there's no way the judgements are taking this long. I figured if they are going to announce it later or even tomorrow that they would tell us. However, it's been 2 hours since submissions were stopped.
  3. whats peoples favorite colour change...... mine is duck change
  4. mine is either the duck change or my gimmick of the daniel madison change
  5. i just sent them a message but they havent answered yet
  6. Man, this is starting to get silly.
  7. Seriously! I've done my ACR like twenty times. I am getting sick of it! (I've already altered it to save myself from boredom!)
  8. im out to bed
  9. this is funny. :)
  10. Damn, I would've loved to be in the contest.

    I would've written:

    DG: "And so your card is stuck under the seat of your bike. Yes it is. No you may not check. ALRIGHT fine I will make this a BIT easier, let's make it appear right under your shirt, above your abdomen area... that's good... right there... Pulling it RIGHT out of your belly button..."

    :D seems like a comic tho :p
  11. mines the winter or hurricane change
  12. This has to e the longest wait. Ever. Goodnight everyone. My computer is very hot. It might explode.
  13. 1) Danny and Chris: Love at first sight
    2) Garcia and Kenner: Love at first sight
  14. i think the real contest is who can stay up the longest.
  15. You guys are right its getting a little ridiculous but theyre doing it to choose the best one I think and thatsok with me. Im going to sleep. See you guys in the morning (for those of you that it is morning). I really hope I get that deck tonight but if not thats ok. Have a good night guys.
  16. 13112221.... yessss i got it right
  17. when you think about it it is not even that late. or early? just crack open a red bull.
  18. I'm getting sick of playing Solitaire! Even though I love that game. This is starting to get old, though. :rolleyes:
  19. Play Minesweeper! Or an online flash game or something...

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