Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. am I the luckiest person?
  2. Come on T11 be quick otherwise Instant Karma's gonna get you . haha
  3. HaHa ...............hate that song
  4. Okay... since this is taking forever... guess the card I'm thinking of...

    I'll give you a hint... it's red.
  5. Pass the time by listening to Caramell dansen on may kill yourself but it'll pass the time.
  6. i only said he was the luckiest because he was complaining that he never wins
  7. three of jacks, srry i am tired
  8. queen of diamonds? o wait king of diamonds
  9. Ok Shanku Jack of clubs! lol
  10. Everyone's guessing the obvious ones. It was the 3 of Hearts... :D
  11. 4 of Hearts?


    EDIT: Dang i was close lol, we posted at the same time, now then, guess my card.

  12. Oh so close but read the post above yours... :D
  13. idk 3 of hearts

  14. It's never taken this long for a snc and I'm losing sleep over this. Now I'm getting impatient. :(

  15. OH SNAP....I just saw that I had a PM, and it was from Katie :)

    Apparently I won, but she didn't want to post it in the forum.......might be a tie, and didn't want to ruin it or something.....but I can't stay awake any longer, and I don't think it's fair that all of you fine people are waiting for the winner to be announced.

    So there you go. :)

    YAY ME :D
  16. Guys, Katie won't post it until tomorrow. So go to sleep and look tomorrow. This HAS to be a remembered part of t11 history.
  17. I'm so tired, that I thought my previous post was funny.

    I'm just kidding people...I didn't win anything.

    PLEASE POST THE WINNER.....I need my beauty rest.
  18. Awwww man. Congrats dude. Enjoy that deck.

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