Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. maybe there just sitting there laughing at us.
  2. Heehee... Theory 11 has 11 minutes to decide who the winner is for you. :) Haha, I had to say it.

  3. that would be totally awesome if they gave out more than one prize.

    but....with my luck, I still wouldn't win :(
  4. probably
  5. i saw lee asher in toronto last weekend at the Browsers Den auction.
  6. ya even after my 11 minutes are up ill probaly still be sitting here
  7. i think katie has to sing chris a song before he goes to sleep, don't rush her.
  8. ok heenan that wa really random lol, man i hope they will post the winners, my moms getting really mad lol
  9. To many different discussions goin on here. To all those brave magicians/flourishers who have been sitting here since 11 like me, it's been fun. I'll be hangin around until we get some sort of announcement.
  10. The waiting hasn't been too bad for me so far, because I was watching UFC up until. But the main event is over, so I'm probably going to be going to be bed soon. Wow, an hour and a half... I can't believe we've been waiting this long!

    By the way... GSP kicks butt! But I must admit, the fight ended a little to soon... they should have let it go a little longer. Oh well... GSP deserved it.
  11. Yeah, hang around. Watch some magic on the computator. Mess around with some flourishes. Not too bad if you ask me. :D
  12. im going to sleep but wait what if i win and i dont claim my prize and they give it to the luckiest person ever phil the magician then i go into depression
  13. anybody here go to sorcerers safari? cabin 8? i sure did
  14. how is he the luckiest person?

  15. then my guess is your screwed and they give it to someone else
  16. this is taking forever.

    Let's sing songs!
  17. so....tired.... must...stay....awake....

  18. lalalalala

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