Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. tonights going to be a rough night to sleep..i need to wake up at 7..ahh! itas 12:15 now! oh well itll be worth it if i win or even if i dont lol
  2. Spadeflame is STILL awake?!
  3. Alright guys they forgot about us. Lets all go to sleep. haha

    But I find this quite cool tho. I get to do some things I dont usually do at this time like watch South Park and Family Guy. Take your time..kinda.
  4. why am i staying till 1:00 because i think i might win
    what happens when i dont win, I come back next week to get free stuff
    knock me out of this vicous cycle t11 help me get rest
  5. It never stated WHEN the contest winner would be announced. It just stated that it would be judged by the T11 crew.
  6. Must be some TOUGH competition, or something. They're probably having so much fun watching us speculate about what's taking so long!
  7. Hey CHRIS! Wake Katie up! Everyone is wating for her. Dang.
  8. they could have no winner but then ii would be mad
  9. Hahaha we're still waiting. This is pretty fun.
  10. well there are alot of entires i mean alot, it could take a while to read them all then eliminate bad ones then pick out really good ones and elimate the ones that arent so good in that group and so on...
  11. maybe they have a couple of winners who knows?
  12. I'm sure Katie didn't forget about us.
    It's hard comparing 200 captions to see which one is best.
  13. Don't even joke about that! :eek:

  14. Look at how many people are here! When the winner is announced, everyone will leave. Watch.
  15. Wow still no reults... you guys know Katie isn't online..the only theory11 member on line is Dan and Dave...maybe they will decide the winner
  16. man i could be having no life right know but noooooooooo im waiting for this contest lol jk
  17. t11 you got 11 minutes then i am sleeping but when i wake up there better bea winner
  18. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................
  19. HANG IN THERE GUYS... and girls? if you need modivation, look at the picture agian. i cant get it out of my head, it burns the eyes.

    p.s. danny looks like a backstreet boy.
  20. I wonder if the deck is signed...

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