Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Smells like a joke.
  2. Phil... please tell me you are kidding...
    JPD... where did you get that info from?
    Why wouldn't Katie just post on the forum?...... :(

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    Aw. you got me there Phil.
  4. 9 minutes till midnight here, gah.

  5. Common sense. Its like almost 1 at Vegas. What would Katie be doing up this late? o_O
  6. Man, two hours! Well, I better win or else I will throw another one of my temper tantrums. Mommy has the syringe ready. :(
  7. wat? its 12:53 here and im tired as heck, and my mom keeps complaining
  8. It's like 10 there.
  9. Haha! It's 2:54 PM here in Sydney! Afternoon baby! But it's cloudy :(
  10. You scared me Phil....

  11. good night's been fun.

    I guess I'll have to wake up bright and early tomorrow to congratulate the winner.
  12. It's 6 minutes till 10pm in Vegas. it's early there.

  13. lol its 11:55 pm here chicago baby
  14. It's just about 1 AM where I am...

  15. its 12:56 in t-dot
  16. Everyone It Says Katie Is Offline Use Common Sense!!!!!
  17. I'm from oklahoma 11:55 also.

  18. Dan and Dave are the only T11 artists online right now. Maybe Katie's internet got screwed or something... :rolleyes:
  19. katie and chris never sleep.
  20. 11:57 in Minnesota. I won't go to sleep for a while yet!

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