Saturday Night Contest - theory11 trivia challenge [UPDATED]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Madison? He's an Englishman.
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  3. Liwag, or bayme
  4. And if you feel guilty about winning another 1 on 1: Homer Liwag!

    EDIT: (Little late on that....oh well)
  5. Must be a Filipino thing. :D

    Edit: I REALLY need to get out tonight.
  6. Wayne Houchin - Totally didn't refresh the page before I posted this haha
  7. Man Chris is a rich bugga.

    I never thought of Jason England being in the military.

  8. lightning round answer: i would say lee asher, but sean.cinco got it already with homer liwag so wut evs...

  9. I thought dave only had a brother
  10. He was in the Air Force if I'm not mistaken. He talks about it in the round table discussion, and possibly in one of the one-on-ones.
  11. They mentioned their other brother in one of the podcasts.

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