Saturday Night Contest - Unofficial Preview

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, May 5, 2012.

  1. Great job on the submissions guys! Everyone did great! We know how difficult it is to make a preview video. We know how much more difficult it is to make one within a 24 hour time limit. You all made it happen! It's a challenge we hope you've learned something from. We'll never grow if we don't push beyond our comfort zone but tonight - we did just that. Again, hats off to all who participated!

    Despite the many great submissions, there can only be one winner. Before we announce who that is, I'd like to mention some of my personal favorites that caught my eye. Louis Meer, dalv666, and bmax, you guys did an awesome job and I thoroughly enjoyed watching your submissions. With that said, tonight's "Unofficial Preview" goes to ATH with post #33. Awesome job and congratulations on the win! Please contact the team to claim your prize!

    We hope you took something away from the experience. Keep challenging yourself and keep pushing forward. When you aim for the impossible, usually you'll land just short.
  2. I'm a little upset(((
    It took a long time, maybe you can specify the defects?
  3. Amazing submissions, everyone. Outstanding. dalv666, your DeckONE video was amazing to watch! Great narrative, production quality, and cardistry. ATH, congratulations on the win! Your video was creative, original, and after a LOT of debate (this was a hard decision), you absolutely deserve the prize. Congrats!

  4. Personally I thought davl666 did an amazing job and i thought he would have won! Great job ATH.
  5. Thanks, but I want to know what Andrei say)))
  6. It was a very tough choice deciding! Remember, winning or losing does not reflect on your skill. A winning video does not mean "better". We felt ATH's video had a good blend of moves, visuals, and showcase of the cards themselves. Both submissions are great but for this contest, there can only be one winner and ATH definitely deserves it. Great job once again!
  7. I would love to see more SNC's like this one! More creative contests.
    I hope in the near future, this contest will be done again - would be cool to hold a trailer contest for any new decks coming out and maybe make it the winner's the official trailer!
  8. Wow thanks guys! I really didn't see this coming at all.

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