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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Ignore them. More flourishing contests.
  2. Whatever dude, just scratch that T11 look alike thing. If you read it I said magic effects or they can do magic or flourishes, t11 can decide over it.

  3. ignore them??

    what makes your opinion any more valid than anyone else's?
    just for that ignorant comment, there should be no more flourishing contests.
  4. More flourishing contests, and hw many decks or cards dm has. :p
  5. Yeah ignore them. More flourishing contests.
  6. most orginal patter contest?
  7. hum...

    alright, i like the idea of having to make caricatures or drawings of our favorite magicians:D, and then sending them to you by whatever means, but this is a magic community so maybe we should stay focused on that.

    i really really enjoy taking part in the creative contests, things like making parodies of Daniel Madison, or the one where we made a cake for Jonathan:p out of cards...

    i think that is what really sets us apart from other magic yeah, we should stick to the really funny and creative contests. ;)
  8. Create a trick with certain specifications within 3 hours like the flourish competition Andrei won.
  9. Ya ignore them.
    More flourishing contests.
  10. lol high five:cool:
  11. I'm also a big fan of the creative contests--whether its making a video or doing a parody or showing off flourishing skills or showing different approaches/solutions to achieve a single effect.

    I'd enjoy seeing how we each perform a given trick (for example, Witness or Chris Kenner's Five Speed) or achieve a particular effect (a colour change, a rising card, the 'torn and restored card' of your choice) not only for technique but also for presentation and personality.
  12. yes i already know of contests that do that its a very good idea and it brings alot of creativity towards theory 11 and plus then theory eleven could actually see if they wanted this idea.

    it seems like a good way to express an artists ideas.

    thumbs up !!
  13. It's my personal opinion that these forums are dominated more by flourishers rather than magicians, but maybe that's just my viewpoint. I'd probably have to agree with people when they say more flourishing contests. Although I never got the chance to enter, I think that the recent "create-a-flourish" was awesome, and it seemed to be a hit. Maybe something like get one of the artists to create a flourish and the person that can replicate it the best? idk just makin ideas

    my 2 cents :D

  14. Anything that involves filming is always fun to do/watch.
  15. I'd love to do a create your own color change contest.
  16. How about a drinking contest?
  17. Why not a genre switch challenge. If you do cards, learn something with coins. If you are a self proclaimed purist, learn something with a gimmick. Do something you normally wouldn't.

    Post about what you usually do, then what you want to learn.

    Then, after practice, post a video of you performing what you learned.

    The one who seems to have done the best job with crossover wins.

    It'll force you to look at a different side of magic, with a prize in store if you do a good job.

    Here's to becoming a more diverse magician! *clinks drink glass*

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  18. It sounds familiar.
    I think we had a SNC like this.
    The theme was to challenge yourself and do something out of the ordinary to leave your comfort zone or something.
    Many people learned flourishes, coin magic, and other stuff they normally wouldn't.
  19. dude.... your 15

    and yes i know your joking
  20. :eek: Yes yes we know.

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