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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Maybe a good idea.
  2. Im English. I have a full time job and i need every hour of sleep i can get.

    I cant enter the saturday night contests because by the time they appear, its like 4:00am over here.

    Burr. :(
  3. Whoever can build the highest tower of cards. No materials or anything, Just the cards. You can use how many decks you want to get the highest. lol Then take a pic.
  4. Actually, they usually start around Midnight-1am... They FINISH at about 4am though, yeah. But I see what you're saying, it is hard to keep awake sometimes waiting for the SNC.

    - Sean
  5. Magical Caption Compition! Funniest caption (Of any magical momment) wins
  6. SNC idea: Best use of an audience

    I posted this in another thread: I'd like to see a contest for the best cardistry performance with an audience. There has to be at least three people watching your skill. Judging would be based on audience interaction and its reaction.
  7. I really agree with garret94s idea as it helps you sort out and half-plan ahead of time what is going on. for example, If you are a horrible cardister, and you know that a cardistry contest is coming up, that gives you more time to focus on the magic/performance contest coming up.

    I would really like to see a create your own card design, but getting it printed seems kinda like a pipe dream. Still I would love to see other peoples card designs.
  8. Saturday Night Contest Idea!

    Hey everyone at Theory 11,

    I have a good idea for a snc. What about having people come up with a phrase/slogan, as well as a symbol?

  9. i have a good one.
    how about we submit the best and/or cheesiest joke that we make up ourselves that has to do with either magic/cards/or cardistry.
    sounds good?
    and if you want to make it like a video,one could do something like the kids on ZOOM.
    I dont know.I think its a good idea.
  10. yeh

    whoever comes up with the funneist magic trick or routine
  11. that ones better than my suggestion.
  12. Less prizes to me, more prizes to everyone else.

    Also more cake.

  13. I'm tired of this one..
  14. How about the most original and creative double lift....

    that would be cool
  15. Ideas

    Although I have never been in any of the SNCs here are a few ideas.:D

    1. Create a new flourish concept and show 3 different ways to use it.:cool:
    2. Create a new card sleight and use it to modifie a Theory11 trick.
    3. Find a new use for the clip shift.
    4. Who can eat an apple pie the fastest!:eek:

    Hope someone will like at least one of these.:(

    Happy Days,
  16. One of the artists creates a flourish and then WE have to name it. Whomever thinks of the best name gets a free tutorial on said flourish.
  17. I like this.

    Here is my idea: Most creative card production/display.

  18. Here's my idea:

    A few weeks ago, the SNC was "Creating a Trick". Now, I think we should challenge the users here to create the most original presentation for said effect. Just a thought.
  19. THe best stripper routine.

    Opps forgot the deck.;)
  20. Haha, i like this one ;)

    Nahh, i prefer the presentation idea. Everyone is given a trick, and told to present it in the most orginal way or something similiar :)

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