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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. There could be a Danny G and Chris K contest. Where you and a buddy get together and do the best impressions you can. Ah, all the insults and hugs!
  2. How about a theory 11 commercial. Everyone could make a commercial for a deck or trick at theory 11 then send it in. Note: of course this would be done on youtube or some website like that.

    Peace out,
  3. Doesnt every single Saturday night contest invlolve flourishing or cardistry? I want to see something new. The contest usually always involve your own creative style by demonstrating magic and/or cardistry. Not once have I seen a magic/sleights related winner. Im not entirely against cardistry/flourishing but I would just like to see something new going around. Something that impresses me. I'm not trying to insult any of the winners of these video contests but I am trying to prove a point. You can see creativeness in flourishing but not enough to get you invloved in your entire train of thought(my opinion).What I mean by this is I would rather watch magic for one hour and have myself constantly thinking about the mechanics behind each effect than to watch flourishing with cards all revolving around basic root of flourishing. I would like to see others get back to the basics with some good old hard hitting magic. It cant be to hard if you are just performing by yourself in front of a camera.Thats it.
  4. I like that idea. That would be fun.
  5. I really want some that dont have to do with skills. Many people have talent and can eaisly win these. Lets have a contest for the under dogs. Like make a picture. Or something like that.
  6. I had a really good idea for a contest why dont we have a video impersoniation of an artist or someone that has done a 1 on 1 [ includng DG ]
  7. Haha that would be a good one. :p

    - Sean
  8. I wish they could start the SNC earlier today :( I'm BORED
  9. They should do a contest that has a big prize like a brick of cards but it has to be something that everyone can do. No video or photoshop.


    Dark Angel= 2008
  10. Oh yay you were on the computer longer than someone!

    /sarcasm :p

    Was just about to post that I absolutely love the video contests and would love some more that don't really rely on the skill of our magic/manipulation.

    Or maybe a contest where we, the users, must create a fake product for Theory11. The best/most creative/funniest would win... :)

  11. Today is the day. Remember something that everyone can do. No cameras, and with a big prize like a deck of S&M. Or a brick:D
  12. That would actually be pretty cool. I'm new to the forum and the site. A contest that even a noob like me could compete in would be great!
  13. I think a great SNC should be "The Best Theory11 video Preview"

    Meaning that, like when you watch the previews for Exile or TNR or whatever trick you are watching, you make a video preview of a trick that's one theory11 and the best video wins.

    The best video will be based on performance, how the video is edited and music, and how it flows. It's not choppy and jerky and suddenly cuts.
  14. Oct 25th contest?

    Will there be a contest tonight? If so, where do I go to find out about it? I am new to the forums, but eager to participate.

  15. Listen to this post
    J bayme will make a thread every saturday at 7:30 pm eastern time. It's not exactly that time but around there. There will be a contest every saturday unless if they say there won't be one. Welcome to the forums
  16. Hey, just thought I'd post some feedback on the 10/25 contest (it hasn't ended yet).

    I really like video contests where we have to perform magic. It gives us a chance to show off our chops and see what everyone's working on.

    I would really like more like this, but my only hope is that you wait till 2009 because I'll have my video camera up at college and will actually be able to perform for some people. Why should you listen to my request? Because the world revolves around me, that's why.

    But in all seriousness, I really like them.
  17. i thought of an interesting SNC. a cardistry video, but heres the catch, you can only use one card. i think itd be cool to see different peoples ideas on this.
  18. me!

    film a one coin routine. nothing else is allowed to be used. just one coin and your hands.
  19. Hey, here's an idea. There could be a magic creation contest and the winner could have his or her creation posted in the 1-on-1 section.
  20. then comes the problem of royalties and such. good idea though. id be up for that.

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