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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Dark Angel, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. I got it:

    A fake video of us impersonating a T11 artist and teaching a BOGUS trick.

  2. How about trying to flourish with like 3 decks?
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  3. Riddle Competition?
  4. i think that all of us are very good magicians and very talented. but what we lack the most is creativity. we need a contest to show how creative we really are. something like original trick, original flourish, etc

    also another idea is a color change contest. because every one knows and has one favorite color change that they love to perform and watch. every one would enjoy and participate in the color change battle...

  5. Wait, if we lack creativity, how can we have a contest to show how creative we really are? To me, it wouldn't make sense to have a contest judged on something we apparently don't have... which I take as an insult! :p
  6. Maybe slow down on the video contests till I get a camera.:D I'm starting to miss the guessing contests.
  7. We've actually had 2 contests where we had to create an original flourish. An original trick would be a fun contest as well, but that's pretty hard to do in a few hours.

  8. We've had an original trick too.
  9. When was that?
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    I dunno the date, but it was d+M, he gave us those items, and we had to use them. The guy that won pulled Jerrys out of a drawing.
  11. Woah, that's sick.
  12. i think we should see how can do the most passes of charlier cuts in a minute lepaul has the record for most passes 48 in aminute they wernt very deceptive
  13. That's not really fair.
  14. Dude even I can do that.
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  16. Lol, that's a good idea.

    You'd have to tell me how it's done first though, because I have NO IDEA!
  17. Have theory 11 come up of something that we can break a world record.
  18. surprised there weren't any olympic themed contests..

    i was thinking like.. deck discus.. :\
    or like.. who can throw a card the farthest *shrugs*

    but like.. they wouldn't be very easy to judge. i must say, i'm a fan of the contests that INVOLVE cards but not necessarily magic or flourishing. eg the house of cards, etc.
  19. that was a great idea. i created one actually

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