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  1. how bout create or design a shirt relating to magic (i.e. ace of spades, phrases in latin, etc.)
  2. Parody


  3. Create a new original effect and film a performance.
  4. Who can find the most peices of bacon shaped like JB. That would be the coolest SNC ever.
  5. I'd love for the Saturday night contest to start just 1 hour earlier. It normally starts at about 1AM for me (in the UK), which makes it very difficult to do some of the bigger things. This would probably make it too early elsewhere, though, so it's probably out of the question. :p

    As for the contests themselves, I have personally enjoyed the ones that don't involve taking pictures a lot more. Caption contests, for example, have been some of my favourites, because they don't require any equipment such as digital cameras (which many people don't have), and I think the number of responses to these also makes me think a lot of other people feel the same way. It is good fun to see what other people come out with, though. xD

    I think a great contest could be a "Make your own caption contest picture" contest, whereby everyone makes their own T11/magic related image for a caption contest. The winner's picture could then be used for the next week's SNC.

  6. The roundtable's are good,

    But I dont agree with alot of the questions selected.
  7. Pick a more variety of questions for the roundtables. Seriously, we want to know more about the artists personally, not card-wise. Most of us already know the answers to how these artists got started and how they progressed and how much they practiced in high school. Those questions suck, get something interesting, so we can know more about them personally.
    I thought it was pretty hilarious when Dan or Dave said 'if that's spelled with an "e" I"m not answering it.'
    Like, 'what are your other hobbies,' 'how was your social life in highschool effected by cards, 'what's your favorite tv show' etc.
    Seriously, I want to hear stuff like that.
    The only reason the roundtables are worth listening to, imo, are because the artists side-tracks and get's into personal things which I find amusing.
  8. Well, I only want 2 things. First off, Andrei is forever banned from participating in SNCs. =P Secondly, I really enjoy contests where skill and time is needed to win. Like the Crazy Cuts contest. Only those who really put time and effort into their entry have a chance at winning. I really don't like contests like guessing 2 random cards, or how many cards are in a box. Luck contests are not very fun. While we are still on topic about contests and such, I would really like a contest for the release of a new DVD to not be about luck as well. Like 1 winner out of the first hour of the DVD's release will win blah blah blah. I would like it more if all those contests were like the Trilogy contest, where you have to do something and take time to perfect it in order to win. Thanx for reading. =)
  9. More flourishing contest. Anything involved with flourishing
  10. I would like to see more "creative" contests. Some that involve graphic design, like cards and so on.

    I think the ultimate "creative" contest would be letting us take a shot at designing the DVD cover for a Theory 11 effect. I would definatly enter that one. It can of course be modified and streamlined by Theory 11 for the final product.
  11. i think we get it

    As for a new SNC idea... I love parody contests. :) Round table discussions are also great. Most things requiring my camera and me to be funny are my favorites. :)

  13. Here's a creative idea:

    How about we make a video or something of us being like "layman" and thinking of the most absurd concepts for the methods for tricks.
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  14. Read previous posts.
  15. SNC: I Got 1 Minute To Show The World

    The title for my SNC I just made up, kinda crappy, it came from I got 4 minutes to save the world. (Madonna's song- 4 Minutes featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland)they can change the name I don't care, but back to the topic about my idea for a SNC:

    One of my ideas for a SNC for upcoming days, months, and years. I'll keep on adding some more...

    Any T11 artist for ex: DnD Buck, Chris Kenner, D+M, Jikh, etc. will have to create a flourish for us all to learn. So they will release a tutorial of it before Saturday, so that would be on Friday, the same day a new 1-on-1 releases. All the people who want to paticipate in the SNC learn the flourish and have all night to practice and perfect the flourish( if you wanted to stay up late) And more time on Saturday, but you have until 11:00 PM to submit your video. People will create a video of them performing the flourish, but the thing is if the BUCKS created the flourish, you have to be twins or look alikes to submit a video. If Chris Kenner, Jikh, D+M, created the flourish you have to be at least look-alikes. The video has to be at least 60 seconds and above that will be disqualified, you can showcase some other moves or some magic effects, but you will judged by speed, some of your own original moves, smoothness, how you looked-a-like the T11 artist, the video production/editing, how much time you spent time showcasing the created flourish in a minute, and overall they're going to be looking for how the flourish was performed. This SNC shows how hard you worked and contributed to this beautiful art. The prizes will be more, but the T11 artists and staff can decide over that.

    more ideas will come...
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  16. this would probably need to be a longer contest, maybe running for a week or two

    I would be amazing if we could get members to create an ace of spaces and a card back. the best 52 ace/back combos will each get one card printed and they will be put into one deck, then 52 decks will be made of all the aces into one pack and distributed to all the winning artists, that's one way to make a deck hella' rare.

    of course, this will need a lot of planning ahead and probably contact with the us playing card company.
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  17. A contest involving ideas on how the site can be improved to better accommodate its members and the magic community.
  18. i got a few ideas

    1 makes something original. (Any magicly related thing, most orginal wins)

    2 how many cards can be held in one hand :)

    3 make a colour change

    4 make a coin trick

    5 funniest photoshop of a theory 11 crew member

    6 In honour of our latest artist invent a andrei inspired cut.

    thats it :)
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  19. How about a magic essay contest... Where you have to answer some profound question such as "Why Do We Need Magic in the world?"

  20. i'm sorry.. but that's just no good.

    you HAVE to be a look alike to enter?? that right about filters out 97% of the members.

    please, NOT more flourishing.

    i don't think there should be a rotational basis of themes for the SNCs for every month, i do however agree that there should be many more creative based contests and less luck-based contests (not that we've seen any all too recently). it gives others a chance who may be new to magic or flourishing because they have such a little chance at winning something based on card skills... so they may have other skills which are much better, like photo editing skills or something.

    some longer contests as people have been saying are a good idea, eg. day long or two day long contests - although it is interesting to see what people can come up with in such a short amount of time..

    actual complete decks as prizes would be awesome (instead of sheets).. i don't know about others but i'd rather a deck or two over a 1-on-1 video.

    but yeh.. definitely more creative contests.

    that's my AUD$0.0208167 as at 2:05pm, July 4 2008.. (that's 2 US cents)

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