Saturday Night Contest - Where in the World?


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Jan 13, 2019
Machu Picchu - Peru
Machu Picchu as city? I guess it technically is/was a city though it’s not inhabited. I thought Machu Picchu as well, but put Cusco instead as the closest inhabited city. Great minds think alike!
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Oct 9, 2015
Hey guys, hope you all are having a great start to the weekend! Our latest release, T-REX by Ran Pink, has been getting in the hands of magicians and the reviews have been pouring in. Those who own it have been absolutely loving it and have already put it to use in their performances. Imagine the ability to actually read someone's mind. A name. A number. A thought. Divine exactly what someone is thinking, with no explanation other than REAL magic. T-REX is as close as you can get.

I have written down the name of a dream vacation location. You have ONE guess at the location. Post your guess below. The first person to correctly identify the location (or, if nobody guesses correctly, the closet guess geographically) will take home 1,000 Elite Points, a deck of Black NOCs, and ANY effect currently in stock in our store that has a value of $50 or less.

Your only hint - It is a city, in a country, somewhere on planet Earth. The format of your answer should look like this: City, Country.

Get to it. You have until 11 PM EST tomorrow night. We will announce the winner after the deadline.

Good luck!
London, England.
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