Saturday Night Contest - Where in the World?

Khaleel Olaiky

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Aug 31, 2013
Puerto Princesa, Philippines

It’s a city in (Palawan island) of the Philippines

Well if it’s not the correct answer, it should be. because it’s such a magical place.

Never been there but it’s on my bucket list.
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Dec 3, 2018
This is of course a matter of personal preference but I chose a place that looks truly astounding and I hope I can travel there sometime. So my guess would be Vaitape, French Polynesia (Vaitape is the biggest city in Bora Bora). Hard contest since the Earth has truly unbelievable places to visit. I think the most beautiful places are where humans haven’t made large buildings and the human population is quite low.

Yeah sorry for brambling so long. Good luck to all involved!
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