Saturday Night Contest - Where In The World?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. Congratulations Matt!
  2. Sort of funny (I actually mean unfair):
    the reason simply being that this is the second time you are holding this exact contest. The first time the winning guess was Tokyo, Japan too. So I had assumed you would pick a different location this time ??
  3. Actually this isn’t the second time, this contest formula happened many times over the years and I personally won one of them last year and my answer was an island near Hawaii (can’t remember the name exactly) so this kind of things happen, good luck next time.
  4. Congratulations Matt!!
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  5. Yours wasnt the same contest. Yours was limited to the US. Just sayin'

  6. This is the second time in a row that you complain about the SNC... and it's results. As stated before my advice is to find another part of the website that you are interested in and give it a shot. There is plenty of magic for everyone to go around. ;)
  7. Would you have commented if I had complimented them two times in a row?! Probably not. Also don't know why you have to play their advocat. My complaint was towards @Casey Rudd for holding the same contest with the same results. So, he is the one who can decide to answer.
  8. Congrats, Matt!

    Any particular reason why Niseko, Casey? Hokkaido is a beautiful place! I was there couple years back, not gonna lie I liked it there more than Tokyo or Osaka.
  9. Wow... you are keeping tabs on the contests? don´t you have something else to do? I believe no one here would have spend time complaining or checking on other profiles to find if they have won...

    On a side note... I agree with other people here... you should just then somewhere else or organize your contests with your rules... in the mean time... the rest will keep participating, having fun and winning some sweet prizes instead on being angry on getting free stuff...
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  10. How do you know what I would and would not do .... I am not playing advocate at all. Just giving you a dose of reality a little bit of friendly advice ... Do you cry everytime you play the lottery and don't win. If you do I feel bad for you . Have a nice day!!:)
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  11. The skiing! Winter time in Niseko looks absolutely amazing and the resorts there look absolutely beautiful. Hopefully one day I'll get to go!

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