Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable

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  1. Whats your opinion about magic being revealed on youtube? Is it good or bad for it to evolve?
  2. How big of a change was it to go from consulting to doing a tv special of your own?

    What was it like for you when you got your first big break?
  3. How can we start a professional career in magic ???
  4. What process do you use to create a new effect? i cant really find a good way to do it, so if you could answer i'll be grateful
  5. What would you say is the greatest thing you learned from working behind the scenes as much as you did?
  6. Good Evening!
    Questions 1: What are the things that you think it's missing in the playing cards industry today (Quality, Quantity, Franchise....etc)?
    Questions 2: Define the word "magic" (What is your own definition)?
    Questions 3: How do you convince non-believer?

  7. I would like to know...

    Did you have fun doing this show or was it more like going to work?
  8. 1. Do you think that it's harder to get audiences to suspend their disbelief now everyone's more familiar with the possibilities of technology?

    2. What qualities or attributes do you think divide great stage illusionists from those (to paraphrase Derren Brown) just showing off props they've bought?

    3. It's possible to create miracles with stooges and camera tricks so to what extent are these valid magical techniques?
  9. What is your favourite form of Magic to perform? (card, coin, rope, etc.) and Why?

    Also, what do you like about being a magician?
  10. Do you like chocolate milk?
    To create an effect do you base it off an old technique or do you just make one by yourself?
    What is your least favourite effect to perform, that is in your repertoire?
  11. How'd you get the hook up with David Blaine?
    What's your favorite deck of cards?
    How'd you get the HP commercial job?
  12. If you could buy only 1 Theory 11 release from this year, what would it be?

    How do you stay flexible during your performances? I.e. Do you plan in advance ways to adjust tricks if something goes wrong?

    Whom would you rather perform for: a skeptical person who is just trying to figure out how you do a trick, or a person that believes everything?
  13. What is your proudest magical accomplishment?

    What is your biggest piece of advice for making a jump to "professional" magician? (Making a living performing magic)

    Who is your favorite performer to watch and why?
  14. 1.If you are asked to consult for a magic related film like the sequel of "now you see me", will you do it? if yes than what difference can you bring to this film?

    2. Whats your opinion about Chris Angel?

    3. Is there any Tv special you wish you had done?
  15. Where do you think magic will be in the next 10 years? ps congratulations on your new special i cant wait to see it!!
  16. 1. What do you think the magic industry now days?(it is better to be a performer, consultant or manager?)
    2. Are you going to travel more in these day to find inspiration for a new magic project?
    3. What type of magic do you like the most? mentalism? Horror? escape?
  17. How hard is it makeing the your cardistry videos
  18. If you weren't a magician, what you be doing for a job?
  19. What was your first television appearance like?
  20. Why did you start working for theory11 as apposed to penguin magic etc.

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