Saturday Night Contest - White Magic Roundtable

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. who inspires you the most in the magic industry?
    if you could only have one deck of playing cards which deck would it be and why?
    what is the best piece of magic you have ever seen in person?
  2. Dan, do you know how pointless my question is?

  3. Who inspired you when you start magic ?
  4. If you must to choose one effect to perform it for your entire life what will be ??
  5. what is your fav trick
  6. 1. Where would you like to see magic go this year?
    2. What would you like to change about magic if you could?
    3. Who will be the masters that will inspire the next generation?
  7. has the winner been announced yet? wheres the podcast?
  8. Who is the winner guys ? ^^
  9. Update! The podcast has been posted! You can listen in now at the link below. In it, Dan talks about what to expect from his upcoming special (airing this Wednesday at 9pm) and shares the inside scoop on his experience as a performer, creator, and consultant for many of the top names in magic:

    As mentioned, one random member whose question was asked during the podcast will take home something special - a six pack of Medallions and six spins of our Holiday Contest wheel. That winner today... is HansleysMagic, who takes home the prize this week!
  10. My questions have been asked but not win , but well played hansleysMagic . Very good interview anyway .
  11. thank you YazidNaci
  12. Your welcome . Enjoyed your Medallions and hope you win at the spin :)

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