Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

Dec 30, 2008
A harmonica

My camera!

And its actually inside the balloon!

The balloon was black for those who don't believe me!
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Jun 2, 2008
Tonight is Saturday, which means it is high time for this week's Saturday Night Contest. In honor of the release last night of Pressure by Daniel Garcia and Dan White, this week's Saturday Night Contest is all about it. So let's have some fun.

Before we begin, do note that there is only THREE hours remaining to be a part of the Pressure Release Contest, so if you're still on the fence, read the reviews and check it out now. The full preview video is visible on the details page here.

The challenge tonight is to take a picture of the funniest, most creative object inside of a balloon. It doesn't need to be actually inside, so feel free to fake it and be crafty and use any objects (tape / glue / scissors / jello) to make it happen.

Note that this should be done in a safe manner, so it's probably not a good idea to put anything that breathes or has a pulse inside of a balloon. Some examples? A television. A coke can. A car. A house. A watch. Some nunchucks. A calculator. A shoe.

We're looking for creativity here, so have fun with it and we'll all have a good time. Submissions should be posted in the form of a picture (not a video) in response to THIS forum thread. Pictures should not expose PRESSURE in any way, and any submissions that do will be removed and disqualified, then shot with a Nerf weapon.

Limit of 3 submissions per member at max, and the winner will receive a copy of Pressure on the house - or a 1-on-1 of your choice (if you already own Pressure).

Deadline for submissions is 11:00pm EST tonight. Have fun with it, and let's see what you can do. Winner will be posted on or before midnight.

Mann !!! Im out of baloons, i havnt stopped putting things inside baloons today lol.

Phones, iPods, Decks of Cards, Coke Cans, Mothers Day Present, My Fist and I could have done my baby brother cos he was stealing all of my baloons lol

Leaving you camera on while putting it inside a baloon is by far the best !!!!!
Jun 2, 2008
Jun 2, 2008
does anyone know how to get to photo shop upload a photo from there to this forum cause im having tons of trouble lol!

Erm you cant do that in your words exactly but

File > Save For Web and Devices > Choose Gif or jpeg w/e

then save it where-ever.

Not to hard, hopefully youll find your way around it
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