Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Here's mine, a black balloon inside a white balloon.... ITS THE MIRICAL OF LIFE!!!! :D
  2. I got it in the balloon and then....

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  3. 1. swiss army knife Picture 3.jpg
    2. mini pack of cards Picture 4.jpg
    3. the whole world. ok, it's just a golf ball with a globe on it, but still. Picture 1.jpg
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    A harmonica

    My camera!

    And its actually inside the balloon!

    The balloon was black for those who don't believe me!
  5. Mann !!! Im out of baloons, i havnt stopped putting things inside baloons today lol.

    Phones, iPods, Decks of Cards, Coke Cans, Mothers Day Present, My Fist and I could have done my baby brother cos he was stealing all of my baloons lol

    Leaving you camera on while putting it inside a baloon is by far the best !!!!!
  6. Awsumnnnnnnnnnn ! lol

    how long did that take ?

    Coolerdude i wasnt talking about your photo inparticular lol :D i was talking about when i did it

    no offence lol your is totaly awsumn too ! :p What i did was put the video camera on my phone and did pressure it looks cool. And witha pink baloon
  7. does anyone know how to get to photo shop upload a photo from there to this forum cause im having tons of trouble lol!
  8. I'm not a common user of photoshop, but there should be an export option under file, so you can save it your computer.
  9. Erm you cant do that in your words exactly but

    File > Save For Web and Devices > Choose Gif or jpeg w/e

    then save it where-ever.

    Not to hard, hopefully youll find your way around it
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    removed lol
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  12. No offense man, but we can't access your hard drive.Click on manage attachments and find the file.
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  14. lmfao :S

    ermmm mate, if people could access your files that easy youd be f***ed

    Upload it ?
  15. Hmmm what is that exactly ?
  16. [​IMG]

    I know it's hard to tell, but MS-Paint makes it look like he's outside. In actuality, Sir Daniel Garciington III is inside the balloon.

    - Sean

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