Saturday Night Contest - Your Skills on Display

May 31, 2008
Your video is not allowed in the country (I live in the United States) because of copyriht restrictions. Says the link......

I win! 2 posts up

I hope this doesn't affect your chances of winning. You could try uploading to another site like Vimeo, I've never seen anyone have any problems there. Check it out, it's easy to make an account, good luck!
Oct 24, 2009
well, its raining here, probably in a few minutes i will be on the dark, and it's soooo late in brazil ;D sorry.
May 18, 2008
Can we have more than one entry? I just created one I want to post, and then I have an older one I would like to post as well... If not, I will do the one I created for this contest.
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