Saturday Night Roundtable - Calen Morelli

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  1. hi calen.

    1. so how you create such an amazing effect with props around you? hows is your creative process?
    2. what's keep motivate you to create amazing effects?
    3. when you invent something, do you always test it to real audiences if this trick really works?
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  2. 1) Did your creative process change from creating close-up effects on your own during your 365 project, to working with a team of consultants and creating stage illusions for David Copperfield?

    2) You've certainly created a lot of magic. How do you decide what effects to keep working on and release, or give to someone else to use, like the card to ceiling for David Blaine's special?

    3) Will you ever go back and try to finish your 365 project?

    Thanks Calen! You're truly one of the most creative thinkers in magic today and the future of magic is bright with guys like you leading the way!
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  3. Hello Calen!
    1. What inspired you to make a ring effect?
    2. How do you prevent yourself from getting burnt out while creating effects and gimmicks?
    3. Do you like staying at your house while working on a new idea or do you like going to, for example, a coffee shop?
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  4. 1) How long had you been doing magic before you made the first effect you're proud of?
    2) How do you deal with the awkwardness of botching a trick?
    3) What is your preferred crowd size and venue?

    ODYSSEY is a SERIOUSLY impressive trick. Good job and major thanks for sharing!
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  5. Hello Calen!
    1. What do you feel is the biggest problem facing the magic industry today?
    2. You said you recently went through a phase where you were unmotivated and not as passionate about magic, what do you think caused this and how did you work through it?
    3. How did growing up on your grandparents farm in Oregon affect you as a creator?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations. I am a huge fan of Dresscode, Function 9, Quantum Space, and now Odyssey!
  6. 1. What in your opinion is the most visual trick or effect you perform?
    2. Has magic ever helped you in any life situation?
    3. If you could only perform with one prop, what prop would it be?

    Thanks so much for inspiring us Calen! =)
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  7. 1. You released a trick called transit, a few years back, which looks quite similar to odyssey visually, but it was done with a rubber band, so is Odyssey an inspiration from transit?

    2. How similar/ different Odyssey is, from transit?

    3.Why haven't we seen Calen Morelli on fool us or America's got talent so far, any future plans for appearing on any of the two shows?
  8. 1) where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    2) what shampoo do you use?
    3) what do you enjoy outside of magic?
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  9. Hello Calen!
    1) What was the greatest challenge when you began learning magic?
    2) What is the biggest mistake you see magicians making today?
    3) What would you say is the most important trait (patience, attention to detail, being humble, etc.) to have as a magician?
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  10. 1. What made you want to Create the visual magic that you do?
    2. How do you keep your ideas fresh?
    3. What is it like to consult instead of being the front man everybody sees?

    Cody Davis
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  11. 1. How did the nickname Mini-momo originated?
    2. When consulting for David Copperfield, how did yourself, Blake and Patrick feed off of each other's strength and weaknesses to create something new/ solve problems?
    3.What advice would you give to young creators who look up to you and want to achieve something bigger in the industry?

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  12. 1.) why not keep this gem to yourself and what made you release it?

    2.) during the creative process what happens when you hit a road block?

    3.) how did odessy come to be?
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  13. I was expecting a Fake Reveal contest, but I do have some questions for Calen!

    1. When it comes to creating new effects, do you find the method first and then create the effect or have an effect in mind and then find the method?

    2. Being as young as you are, how important do you think your '365 days of magic' affect your present (consulting, working with major companies etc.)?

    3. After seeing Odyssey, I was wondering if it showed an evolution in your magic (method-wise and effect-wise)?

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  14. 1-when did you start performing street magic?

    2-How to you think of these really creative methods and how long does it normally take to get a draft of the effect down.

    3- do you think that you cold think of a method to change an apple into a banana visually?

    Thanks Toby
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  15. Hi Calen,

    1) Whatis your favorite trick between Dresscode and Odyssey ?
    2) What is the trick that you do every single time ?
    3) Why you call your trick "Odyssey" ?
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  16. Hey calen my question is you so creative but you don't have that much products in the market ...why ?
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  17. 1. What's the last trick that fooled you?
    2. How do you think magic has affected your social life?
    3. Who's the person outside magic that inspires you the most?
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  18. Hi Calen,

    Not really into ring magic but here are my three questions.

    1) Can you give us a quick rundown of your productive moments throughout any given day?
    2)Have you ever had a dream about something related to magic and if so what was the dream about?
    3)Would you tell someone completely new to magic to purchase your effect simply to benefit your agenda, or would you tell them to get a grasp on the basics first then try your effect irrespective of whether it is simple or not? (For example buying the latest effect in card magic before reading The Royal Road to Card Magic)
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  19. 1)What is your favorite type of magic and why?
    2)How practical is it to carry a gimmicked and ungimmicked ring?
    3)How do you make your magic?
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  20. What was your most embarrassing performance situation?
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