Saturday Night Roundtable - Calen Morelli

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  1. Hey guys, super sorry for the delay in posting! We are in the middle of getting this podcast recorded ASAP. It's been a busy week and some things came up unexpected, but we are getting this recorded and posted as soon as possible for you guys. A new Saturday Night Contest will be posted tomorrow on schedule, but the results for this one will be delayed until we get the podcast recorded and posted. Apologies for the delay!
  2. 1) What tips would you give to a young magician such as myself
    2) What do you do in order to think up these effects and execute them to perfection
    3) Is it a good idea to do more than one type of magic eg. Street/Close Up, Stage, Social Media & Parlor?
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  3. How's the podcast going? I haven't heard anything for a while.
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  4. Keep calm
    And keep
    Watching this space!
  5. When does this come out?
  6. Alright guys, the video podcast has been posted! You can watch it right here in our Media Section! Huge thanks to everyone for submitting your questions, and special thanks to Calen for sitting down with us and answering them!

    The winner of this SNC is TylerH7, whose question was asked in the video. Congrats! Please contact our support team with details to claim your prize!
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  7. Congrats to the long awaited winner, TylerH7!!
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  8. Congrats TylerH7
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  9. Congrats Tyler!

    Thanks for putting together a video this time around. :) I'm sure it takes ~4x the hours to make a video versus a podcast; I really appreciated consuming the interview this format. :)
  10. Congrats Tyler!
  11. Congrats to the much awaited to watch the video
  12. Congratulations TylerH7!!!
  13. Congrats TylerH7
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  14. Woah! Sweet thanks everyone for the congrats! :)

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