Saturday Night Roundtable - Calen Morelli

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  1. 1) What is your very favorite magic act/effect?
    2) If you could only perform three effects for the rest of your life, what would they be?
    3) Who is your favorite magician?
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  2. 1. how much is your first salary being a magician?
    2. Why should magician buy a gimmick version of this trick than the sleight version (I'm referring to de'vo's version) ?
    3. what was your most embarrassing experience as a magician?
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  3. 1) Will you try to finish your 365 project?
    2 )What would you say is the most important trait to have as a magician?
    3) What has been your motivation to keep yourself and create new effects?
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  4. 1. What do you think about using dreams (especially lucid dreams) in creating effects?
    2. Your hobbies beside magic?
    3. What is your favourite dish?
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  5. Question 1# What did you think of Now You See Me 2?
    Question 2# What is your favorite type of magic (meaning either pure sleight of hand, or using gimmick, close-up magic, or stage magic)
    Question 3# How many bicycle decks have you bought ever since you became a magician?
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  6. 1-How can I try making a gimmick that probably need to be manufactured???
    I mean If I have a gimmick idea but it's hard to make with home objects what is the way to make a prototype???

    2-What is the thing that made you continue in magic what motivated you when you started?? even though magic didn't gave you any reward back then.
    A Lot of people think it's a waste of time to do something when you are not getting anything from it.

    3-How do you take a magic creation to the next level??? most of the time when people come up with a move or an effect at the beginning it's probably bad and not that interesting... do you just keep trying to develop it till it's perfect? or is it a coincidence that you come up with a solid effect like Odyssey for example?
  7. 1) Being a young man in an art that has lasted centuries, have you experienced any age discrimination and how did you handle it?
    2) I purchased 'Dresscode' and it remains one of my favorite effects. How do you go about the creation of such amazing effects?
    3) How has your family and friends helped you along the way to where you are now?

    Thanks so much..
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  8. 1. How did you come up with Odyssey? Did you come up with it coincidentally or how?
    2. Why the name Odyssey?
    3. Which phase was the hardest to do while creating it?

    Hope to win it, cause I love it.
    Go Calen, the Eminem of Magic. Huge support from Kosovo :)
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  9. 1. Is there any inspiration from Transit in Odyssey?
    2. What's your favorite memory from working for Copperfield?
    3. How many notebooks do you have?
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  10. 1) French mentalist Patrick Froment once said "The purpose of magic is to change the magician". Do you think this applies to magic's role in your life? Has it made you a better person or changed the way you see and connect with other people?

    2) Was there a particular moment you knew you wanted magic to be more than just a childhood hobby?

    3) Do you think magic makes up all or almost all of your identity? In other words, how devastated would you be if someone took your ability to do magic away?
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  11. Calen!
    1) Where did you get the "Got Magic?" hat you wore in the Dresscode video? I kinda want one
    2) What is your favorite pizza topping?
    and last but not least,
    3) How do you go about making new tricks? like what inspires you for them?
    thanks! i hope you get to answer some of these
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  12. 1) What advice do you have for someone who is starting out in ring magic?

    2) What have noticed about ring magic that make it appealing to work with?

    3) Why should beginner magicians make ring magic a part of their repertoire?
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  13. 1. How old were you when you saw your first magic show?
    2. Who was the magician of your first show?
    3. Who is your biggest inspiration (magician or non)?
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  14. 1. Was there a method you could have improved but someone released it before you could?
    2. What made you pick a ring transportation?
    3. Does the method or the premise attract you to something?
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  15. Has the results or the podcast been posted yet?
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  16. No. Not yet.

    Casey will let us know.

    Unless he's feeling festive about it
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  17. How's the podcast going?
  18. I guess the entire t11 team is busy voting for blake vogt in AGT lol
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  19. Wait, Blake Vogt is on America's Got Talent this year?
  20. Yeah, he's in season 11.

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