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  1. Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great weekend! This week we are going to be joined by Max Major, the creator of OMEGA, to answer all of your questions. Since its release, OMEGA has been receiving rave reviews from those who have been able to use it, and we are incredibly excited to finally have this out and in your hands. It's the ultimate hands-off miracle that makes it look like you can actually read minds. You NEVER touch the cards, and the deck does ALL the work for you!

    Tomorrow at 8pm EST we are going LIVE with Max Major on our Instagram page for the first live edition of our Roundtable Discussion. You have 24 hours to submit up to two questions for Max to be answered on the livestream, and it can be about anything magic related. If there's a question you want to ask Max, go ahead and post it in response to this forum thread!

    We are extremely excited to make this our first official livestream, and we hope you all are able to tune in! We will be selecting a random member's question to take home a prize this week, as well as selecting a viewer during the livestream to take home a prize. Both members will walk away with 1,000 Elite Points, a deck of Gold Artisans, and OMEGA by Max Major, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world.

    Submit your questions below and make sure to tune into the livestream tomorrow at 8pm EST!
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  2. Good Luck Everyone!

    Do you attribute your name or any other qualities to Max Maven?
    What advice do you give new comers to mind reading what books should I read?
  3. 1. Do you have a specific process you generally use when you are trying to create original tricks, and if so, what does it look like?

    2. How did you, in particular, make a name for yourself in the magic community?
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  4. When creating a new effect or reworking an older idea, where do you find your inspiration comes from?

    What is your best tip that you would say keeps you the most motivated when working on a new project?
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  5. How do you feel Social Media has affected magic, more importantly how you go about crafting your effects.

    Who or what has been your biggest influence in your journey in magic and mentalism.
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  6. 1. What got you started in magic?
    2. If you could only perform one effect for the rest of your life, which effect and why?
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  7. With so much focus on social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, how is this changing the way you think about performing and creating magic?
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  8. What's the meaning behind the trick name, Omega? How did you come up with the name?

    Stay safe, everyone!
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  9. Who is your favorite or most inspiring magician?
    What are some tips you have for someone just starting in magic?
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  10. Q1 How long did it took from the conception of the trick to the actual trick that it is now?

    Q2 Does the trick deals with any multiple outs the performer needs to be on a lookout for ?
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  11. 1. How do you determine whether a trick is fully prepared to be put on the market.
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  12. How do you stay organized? What tools do you use to keep your professional life moving forward, while keeping your personal life (hopefully) happy & healthy?
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  13. What stage in your life did you realize that you will be able to do magic as a full time job?

    What do you enjoy the most about creating and distributing effects to the public?
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  14. What is your favorite trick of your own creation? Like a favorite child.

    What magic book you keep coming back to every now and then?
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  15. Hi Max,

    Omega looks awesome. When the effect was initially in development, did you consider simply using a Svengali or reverse Svengali deck (and "Major" cojones) to accomplish the effect? How does Omega address the possible problems inherent with this approach?

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  16. Q1. With Omega being flawless in its ability, and with it being so seemingly impossible, which has been your favourite or most extravagant way of revealing the selection to the spectator?

    Q2. If you could make any magic effect a ‘hands off’ effect, which would it be?

    Thank you,

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  17. My question will be in two parts. I read somewhere that you disliked the Robocop remake. First, how could you not like that! Second, has that opinion closed any doors professionally for you?
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  18. Hi Max!

    When did you find your passion for magic?

    Did you, anytime along your magic career, experience a lack of enthusiasm for magic?
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  19. Hi, Max!

    When you constructed the deck, did you try to make it best fitting for you and your style, or did you think about it being a product that would go viral and has to be fitting for other people?
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  20. Hey, Max Major ! How are you spending time in the quarantine ? and, what does it take for an amateur cardician to develop skills to become a professional magician as yourself ?
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