Saturday Night Roundtable - Max Major!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 4, 2020.

  2. Great Live stream guys! Heads up Max said he might go onto this thread and continue to read and answer questions, but if you bought the product and have questions to feel free and send him an instagram DM.
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  3. Hey, thanks for answering my question on Instagram. I realize that I may have written it in a way that sounds like you could get the same effect from a Svengali deck.

    What I meant to ask in the above, is if a similar effect using a Svengali deck or some other type of tossed-out deck scenario was the starting point for your creative process, and if so, how your solution solved the problems you found with an older method.

  4. Congrats Scott! We have chosen your response as one of the winners for this week's contest. Please contact our support team with your details so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

    You can view the livestream directly from our Stories on our Instagram page here:

    We will be going through the livestream chat once it is posted on our IGTV and choosing a random viewer to take home the second prize. Thanks again to everyone for tuning in and submitting your questions - it was a blast!
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  6. CORRINDAS 13 steps to mentalism!
  7. I start with the effect or premise first. and then reverse engineer how we can get to that end point without compromise.

    I dont know if i have a name in the magic community... but i appreciate the sentiment ;-) Ive spent 20 years focusing on performing as often as possible for REAL people. I think thats the key in any craft. Doing the work and being nice to people :)
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  8. I find inspiration everywhere. Honestly it mostly comes from outside of magic. Movies. Tv. Books. Podcasts.

    Also collaboration. Collaboriation is key. I used to try and create in isolation but lately I've found my best ideas are a result of CONVERSATION rather than isolation. Find some magicians you know and trust and share freely.
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  9. OMEGA deck ;-) thats my baby

    i keep returning to MIND by Lee Earle - (mentalism in new directions) and bulletproof by andy nyman
  10. perform as OFTEN as possible. every chance you get for all types of crowds. in the beginning I did kids birthday parties. you'll learn valuable skills that are universal as an entertainer. also dont underestimate FREE shows. a lot of performers are adverse to this, but really you should take every opportunity to perform in front of a crowd as possible. thats where growth comes from.
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  11. I'm here! doing my best to answer the ones we did not have time to discuss on instagram. love you guys!
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  12. "the fairest card trick EVER"

    dont ever spend outside your means ;-)
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  13. I did my first show for a neighbors bday party when i was 14 (the bday child was 6 or 7 i believe) since then i've done 1000's of live shows in every situation imaginable. and i think thats really the key. performing as often as possible. rehearsal and practicing moves will NOT make you a better entertainer. thats a seperate muscle that only gets stronger through actual shows. so get as many reps as possible.

    Over time I graduated to larger events and bigger clients. But always going in the direction of what brought me the MOST JOY. Let that be your north star.
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  14. 1. I have performed an entire show with my fly down. (this has happened multiple times lol)
    2. Phantasmagoria, for those who dont know, is a short documentary film project by Calen Morelli. It explores magic from a magicians perspective and includes some INCREDIBLE performances by Alex Geiser, Rodney Reyes, and more. It was conceived and directed by Calen. The idea was to spend an entire weekend together in an airbnb and FILM EVERYTHING. Not just the performances but the conversations we had back at the house.

    For anyone that wants to watch:

    I think its the most beautiful piece of magic content out right now. Calen and his Cinematographer absolutely killed it.
  15. Not sure if I answered this one yet, but collaboration is really the key to unlocking great potential in yourself. Find some magic friends you can bounce ideas off of and you'll surprise yourself at how the sum is greater than the parts
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  16. 5-6 years - but really it took 23... because its based off of everything i'd learned and experienced prior. nothing happens in isolation.

    the process... start with premise. whats the purest thing youd like to achieve. and then work backwards towards method without compromise.
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  17. Thanks to EVERYONE who joined the livestream. So many great questions. I tried to answer as many questions here as possible.

    If i missed yours or there's something else you'd like to ask, send me a DM on instagram:

    So grateful for each of you who took the time to write.
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  18. AHHHHHH!! lol I joined the live just as it was ending! Congrats @scottbaird ...
    I was out delivering food to some folks who can't go out. It's my way of helping out.
    I hope everything went smooth!
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  19. That is amazing! Keep it up!!
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