Saturday Night Roundtable - Max Major!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Wish I could join the stream, but with the time difference, it'll be late.
    @Casey will, the stream be available to download at a later stage?

    1. Outside of mentalism, what are some of your favourite effects you like to perform?
    2. Can we expect more in t
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  2. If you had to give OMEGA an honest slogan, what would it be.

    If someone told you they were going to spend half of their bank account of OMEGA would you agree or would you try to talk them out of it? (Uhhh.. that’s, uhhh, Totally like a hypothetical situation of course... uhhh... like, I’m not self projecting or anything like that for those wondering!)
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  3. What’s the process behind creating an effect or a gimmick ? How long did it take you for Omega (for example) ?
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  4. Hi,

    I recently got into magic and mentalism. I wanted to ask - whats more important for mentalism : are the routines and tricks of greater importance, or is it the personality, the connection with the audience and the social skills in total?
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  5. Question 1: Do you have any tips for a person who starting to create their own effects and gimmicks? (Any books to read etc.)

    Question 2: Do you have a specific way to come up with new ideas for creating effects?

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  6. Hey Max!!

    1. How do meditate to get creative juices flowing, if not how do you do it?

    2. If you could only have one book for the rest of your life what book would that be? It can be any book.
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  7. Max, if you could hypnotise anyone in the world who would it be? And what would you have them do?
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  8. Hi max.

    what is you favorite propless mentalism routine? Mine is the life equation.

    Also, if you ever get stage fright, what do you personally do to get over it?
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  9. Hey Max!

    Do you have a magic book that really influenced your own personal style of magic?

    What aspect of magic would you say is the least enjoyable for you (e.g. creating effects, performances, research, etc.)?
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  10. Hey Max! :)

    1) What is the best and worst thing about magic today, in your opinion?

    2) Why did you choose magic over any other art form to express yourself or why does it appeal to you so much?
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  11. Hello Mr Major Max!
    What is your opinion on how magic has been changing, such as through YouTube channels teaching ticks vs TV Magic shown on Specials or late-night talk shows?
    What was your reaction to the reaction when Neil-Patrick Haris performed Omega on James Corden?
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  12. What/Who inspired you when you started magic?
    Did you meet someone that changed your way to perform or see magic?
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  13. 1. What prompted you to do magic and when did it happen?
    2. How does a new trick originate, does it happen by chance, or is it inspired by other tricks for this?
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  14. How is the lockdown going to affect the preforming community?
    What can the individual performer do?
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  15. 1). When do you know you discovered something new and do you worry someone will publish before you.
    2). Have you ever had a effect that was too similar to someone else’s or vice versa and how do you overcome a copycat idea?
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  16. Hey Max! Congrats on Omega! Know you've been developing and performing it for a long time, at what point to you decide that you want to release an effect to market? Saw you in Calen Morelli's latest video on the WAJTTTT channel, anything in the works with Calen?
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  17. How do you keep practice from becoming work?
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  18. Question 1: what are some other passions you do to get creative outside of mentalism?
    Question 2: how can those other passions inspire the work you do for magic\mentalism
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  19. 1.) Can you share a unique performance/reaction story? The first one that jumps to your mind. Funny, unlikely, heart-warming, anything goes!
    2.) What is the story behind Phantasmagoria Vol.1? The production is outstanding, will there be more of it?
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  20. How did you get to where you are?
    When did you get into magic / how old were you when you started?
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