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  1. For those who own SAW, do you guys know of any other "thing" that I can use with the thread to accomplish the effect?
    The "thing" that is normally used sometimes irritates me, physically. 1 and sometimes even 2 of my 5 senses in fact. That means that I sometimes experience negative after-effects of doing SAW.
    So maybe you guys can give me some alternatives that I can use to still be able to perform SAW and hopefully it's just as effective, method and presentation-wise.

    PM if necessary.

    PS: I showed a video of SAW to my friend once and he said that he knew how it worked. He told me that he saw it revealed on TV but I forgot to ask which program it was. I myself have not seen that particular or any other revelation of SAW on TV. Just threw that in, maybe you guys would like to know.
  2. I honestly cant think of anything else to use. The "thing" that is used is actually the best of its kind for the effect. Nothing else that I know of will give you the same results.

    It could also depend on your skin type. The tips on the dvd about shaving are true. You need to avoid shaving 24 hours before. Try soothing your skin after the effect with some kind of lotion or cold cream. I know it sounds fruity, but it could work. Other then that, if it is giving you that bad of a reaction, I would suggest you not perform it.

    As far as "the leaked method" is concerned, I also had a person tell me they saw how to do it on tv, they couldn't mention which show though.

    Hope this helps.

  3. yea i saw the needle thru arm on tv. pretty dum
  4. PM ed you about this.



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