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  1. Hi guys,
    I've heard a lot of good things about Penguin Lectures, but I've never bought one myself. Now I'd like to invest in one, and it would be great if you could help me decide on "the right one".

    My criteria: good tips on gambling techniques (not necessarily detailed explanation, but tips that go beyond the mere tutorial), preferably (but not limited to) false deals and shuffles; tricks using gambling techniques; preferably some knowledge of gambling and cheating in general and, of course, a performer with some serious skill.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. If you are just trying these out then some of the 8 dollar lectures could give you some insight to a persons teaching. If you like thier style then maybe check out their other stuff that usually goes into greater detail.

    I have his 8 dollar lecture and his street monte vid. The lecture is decent; peeks, some shuffle work, crimps etc. and tips on pulling off convincing shuffles. He doesn't go into great detail in his lecture but its good enough to understand it mostly. Some of his stuff is just years of practice like his tabled shuffle.

    I am suprised to see there is an 8 dollar lecture for Jason England in stock. I don't own this one but do own "Cheaters on a Train" and liked it very much.

    Search Steve Forte too...but I don't think he has an 8 dollar lecture.
  3. The Jason England lecture is very good, I would buy it if you have the money and are genuinely interested in the topics that he discusses.
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  4. If you’re looking for “gambling movemonkey stuff” I really believe that Jason England and Richard Turner’s lectures are a must. They cover a lot of different stuff with great detail.
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  5. Thanks for pointing me to the 8 dollar lectures, I never knew about them until now! I've looked at all the lectures of both Jason England and Sal Piacente and I think I'll go with Jason England; in fact I'll probably get both of his.
    I haven't found any lecture by Steve Forte; if there was one, that would of course make it a no-brainer for me!

    Oh, but you know I am :D

    I'll keep Richard Turner in mind, as he's really amazing with some moves, but for most moves I prefer Jason England's handling, so I'll go with him for now.

    Thank you for weighing in as well! I am genuinely interested, so I'm looking forward to his lecture very much! :)
  6. Just a last quick question: Does Jason England talk about the push-through shuffle in the lecture?
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  7. Yeah, I guess he does. But I'm not sure. But I'm sure he doesn't go over the golden nuggets on the move.
    But Richard Turner does go through his handling in detail.
  8. That's great, thanks! No excuse for me now!

    Not to be too harsh on Mr Turner's push-through, but I'd like mine to go undetected when I use it.
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  9. To be fair, the push through in general is nigh-impossible to do completely invisibly, especially if the spectator is burning your your hands, but yeah his is really obvious, I even spotted it before I knew how to do it myself.
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  10. The Jason Ladanye At The table lecture is fantastic as well.
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  11. It’s a really good source when it comes to gambling themed tricks and general technique, but when we’re talking about gambling sleights, it’s not really worth it that much.
  12. Well, if you compare his technique to JoeyFX or Steve Forte or a few others like Puffin, it’s not too clean; but between the people with actual tutorials with details, his push through is the best, no offense to Mr. England. I guess if can make the guys I mentioned above teach you the technique in detail, you might as well just go with them.
  13. He’s got a great segment on the pinky count that has some good tips for people learning it.
  14. Of course, but, as you said, even a layman can spot Mr Turner's push-through without too much difficulty. My aim isn't necessarily invisibility, as that's pretty much impossible with just about any sleight. But I would like to have a good push-through, and I think other people's shuffles are better to learn in that respect.

    Thanks, but Mr_ARPY is right, I'm not looking for gambling themed tricks, necessarily, but the techniques themselves.

    I'm afraid I can't speak for the tutorials, as I own none of them, I'll take your word for it. I've bought the Jason England downloads now, and I'll strongly consider buying Turner's lecture next. Thank you for your help, everybody!
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  15. I've not got it, but I've seen that Dani Daortiz's third and latest lecture covers ALL of his forces. These include his amazing classic force, different stop forces, fan forces, etc. Most of these are completely psychological, and Dani is in my opinion the best card magician right now. If all of this is true, at 30 dollars, it's an absolute steal. However, I would recommend that if you're interested in Dani, get his EMC collections, which are pricey, but, considering the amount and quality of content, bang for your buck. These also cover these forces in the third DVD's, in extreme detail.
  16. Thanks, but that material is not what I'm looking for. As I said, I'm looking for gambling techniques, and I think Jason England's downloads will be what I'm looking for.
  17. Sorry, didn't go through the posts.

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