Sentinels, Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Donald C., Aug 8, 2010.

  1. I love the way they look. It's great to see that much detail put into the faces of the cards. I've been into the subject matter behind the cards for so friggin long now, it'll be nice to have some decks like this. I'll definitely be picking up a few of these at some point.
  2. Well, I'm interested in them. I like that there's a different take on the royalty cards, as that's usually not altered much. The back seems alright to me, but until I'm holding them I won't make a final judgment on that.

    Honestly, though, when I watched the video my thought was, "Would it kill them to show the faces of all the cards? Just once?" I don't care much what they look like flashing through the air, I'm never, ever going to use them that way.
  3. I like pyramids. :D
  4. No emotion towards these. Other than the deck case and the joker. Especially the case design, but the cards don't match up.
    I don't like them.

  5. Since I've started doing magic it gets harder and harder to feel astonished. When I first saw these I was actually stunned.

    The thought process went like Awe->Hype->Repeating string of expletives.

    I love the look and if the quality is even just on par with the propaganda then these will become my new favorite. I just hope they don't run out by the time I can order some...
  6. I think that the decks would be cooler if the backs were the color of the box instead of black. That dark teal color is totally awesome.
  7. Maybe they could print them in different shades, that would be cool. If they had ones with a dark blue-ish and a dark red-ish tint to them, that would be sweet.
  8. You don't have to be a condescending prig - I know full well what the eye means. My comment is that it looks cartoony - have YOU seen the eye on the back of a dollar bill? It's drawn much better and the cards would look better if they just lifted the pyramid and eye from the dollar and put it on the back.

  9. The "All Knowing Eye" right?
  10. Yeah, JetEye, you are kinda being a douche now. Calm down.
  11. i dont know about you guys, but i love the back design and the modern looking faces
  12. I agree with what others have expressed-- these cards would have looked much more appealing if they came in red and blue. To me, the whole black and white theme unfortunately makes them look like every....other....deck that T-11's produced. It would have been cool to see them use deeper reds and blues for the back design.

    To me, cards are cards. I can feel the 'difference' in handling like others describe, but that difference is often negligible. Megan Fox of playing cards?! Really? Ha. In any case, I'll most likely cave and pick up a deck if they continue to receive stunning reviews in a few months.



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