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Jan 11, 2011
Hey guys. So, I just received my shell in the mail, which I ordered so I could do coinone and cointwo. I started with cointwo first, but I'm having trouble with the second step where the coin drops from the shell in to your hand. My coin fits tightly into the shell, and no matter how much I shake or twist it, it refuses to come out. The only way to get it out of the shell is to pry it out with a pencil. This is my very first shell ever, so I have basically no idea how to use it. Is there some sort of special way to get the coin out? Thanks!

Jan 20, 2009
were did you get your shell from? and what brand is it? You should not have to pry your coin out of your shell it should slip right out
you can try using a diffrent coin. if same result then most likely the shell is damaged
Sep 7, 2011
Be careful with the shell when practicing and try to practice over a soft floor covering if possible. Dropping a shell on it's edge can result in a slightly deformed coin almost invisible to the eye (the dent, not the coin) which results in a jam. I have also had shells (badly) made that do not cover a coin of the same denomination without getting stuck. Most reputable outlets sell fairly decent coins though. As stated above the coin should 'slip out' of the shell just as it does in the video. You would need some serious misdirection to have to pry it out with a pencil each time ... but there are no doubt some that could pull it off! Good luck.

PS: You can often times remove a slight dent by rolling the shell firmly on a hard surface, perhaps under a hard back book or piece of wood.


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Sep 2, 2007
Orlando, FL
A bang ring will do the trick if you have one. If not, place the coin and the shell in the bottom of a glass and shake the glass around enough for the coin to hit the sides. That should get the coin out of the shell. Don't shake the glass too hard or you might dent the shell and it'll become unusable. Good luck.
Jan 11, 2011
Thanks guys! It turns out that only more worn down coins into the shell. Moral of the story: don't buy cheap shells.
Aug 17, 2010
Shells are made to a pretty tight tolerance, and coins vary in diameter; I have a couple fo Schoolcraft shells and a Kueppers one, and they fit most but not all coins.


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Jan 30, 2011
Erm well I only use schoolcraft coins so I can't say about others. But with them,I have no problems.well if you have questions for coinone,I can help:)feel free to pm me If you have any questions:)

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Also to get the edges of the shell back in shape after they were indented you can try to put the shell on a flat surface mouth up, cover it with a silk and put the coin in the shell with the silk inbetween. When you remove the coin and the silk you will notice the coin fits in it much better.

Jun 1, 2009
Where does one buy shells? I'm new to coin magic and I'm looking where to get some. I don't have magic stores near me, so any online sources would be great! Do shells come in all sizes? Like pennies? Or are they just like quarters, and various half dollar styles?
Dec 12, 2010
There are all different types of shells. A good one usually costs $25+. Just google "Johnson Coin shells" and click on their website. It's like "" or something like that. Note, that is not the actual address, just what I remember.
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