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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ang, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hey does anyone know if you get an e-mail when your item is shipped?
  2. Theory11 will send you a email confirming that your order has been shipped, has a invoice in it, and has a Package Tracking Link.
  3. well on my account it says it shipped but I haven't got any mail (including my spam) what should I do?!
  4. I've got the same problem... my friend and I made a few orders on Black Friday and in my order history they say shipped via UPS Ground, but we haven't gotten any confirmation emails
  5. yeah I've tried to send a few of those but they never responded
  6. Yeah it's really annoying because you don't know if it shipped or not
  7. i just had this happen to me when i ordered some cards on black friday. it said in the order history the package was shipped but i didn't get an email to the next day. i'm assuming t11 is pretty swamped right now with everything so i'd just wait it out for another day, or submit a ticket
  8. Hey guys I think all is in play as in shipping. I think they might have missed the emails but if your order says shipped you should be fine. Thursday is the forth day because I do not think anything was shipped out Saturday.
  9. You know if your order is shipped by looking at your previous orders in your account. If it says 'Shipped' then it has indeed shipped. If you would like a tracking number, submit a ticket to t11 Support with your order number and they will get back to you within 12 business hours.
  10. guys...
    i also got the same problem..

    did anyone order SMOKE?
    because T11 said that people who order products including SMOKE during the black Friday its probably delay because of the "out of stock"...

    i asked the T11 yesterday by email and they explain to me..
    hope this help:D
  11. Thanks, but I just received an e-mail back and they said you must get an e-mail saying your order has shipped even if it contradicts with the order history :( Also my package is not being shipped because the Sentinels are out of stock and on back order :(
    So I hope this helps guys.
  12. Sorry about that, Ang. We're expecting the next shipment of Sentinels to arrive in warehouse today, so you should be all fixed up soon with a package on the way within the next 24 hours.
  13. Thanks j.bayme
    But if my package is being shipped in the future do I get scratch cards with it?
  14. how about my shipment bayme..?
    they said SMOKE are out of stock..
    when exactly my package shipped..?

  15. guys
    do you know if you get a scratch card when you download an item
  16. I'm guessing no. The contest info says that you get a scratch card with every shipped item you order, and since downloads aren't shipped they can't really send a scratch card with the same package.

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